The Anniversary Competition

Let`s celebrate together...

Watch the video below to see what`s all about:

1. Place

Seminar / Workshop with Tobias

Tobias comes to your place for a 2 day workshop for FREE!
The idea is to train with you and your group to learn how to apply all the techniques we are showing in the Online Academy. The only cost that you have to cover is travel, accommodation and food.

2. Place

Life Time Membership

Yes you`ve heard wright! A LIFE-TIME membership for you ;-)

3. Place

Online Coaching

For 3 month you will get once a week a 30 min Online Coaching with Lena. This will boost your training to the next level!

For ALL participants


All participants will get a RED T-Shirt from us. ...The ones Anna & Tobi are always wearing :-)

Please use only this button to share your video with us. Simply click on the button and upload your video. This is working from your mobile phone and computer, without a DropBox account. Please name the video with your full name, so we can add you to our lottery ;-)

Deadline 9th of August 2021