Article Indication – What is Expected at a Trial

Article Indication - What is Expected at a Trial

If you remember, while reporting we told the judge that “our dog will indicate the articles.”
The dog can indicate by sitting, lying down and standing, or alternating.

The sequence:

  • The dog indicates the article.
  • The Handler drops tracking line or puts it down.
  • The Handler approaches the dog. Does not make a difference on which side.
  • The Handler picks up the article and lifts his hand to show it to the judge.
  • The Handler picks up the leash without disturbing the dog and returns to the same side of the dog where the article was picked up.
  • The Handler gives the search command.
  • The dog begins searching while the Handler stands still until the end of the leash is reached.

    When the dog finds the articles, they should be either right in front of him or between his paws. If the Handler has to pull the articles from underneath the dog, zero points will be assigned for this article.

    While indicating the articles the dog needs to lie down in the direction of the track. If he is slightly crooked, it is not faulty. If he is off the track or a line almost perpendicular – it is considered faulty.

    When restarting, both the dog and the Handler must face in the direction of the track. The Handler must stand upright after picking up the article, after picking up the leash, and while giving restart command.

    Of course, if the dog does not find the article, zero points are signed for it.
    If the dog is very slow at indicating the article or is restless after indication and while the Handler is approaching, you will lose points.

    If the dog indicates falsely (there is no article) you will lose points.

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