Common Types of Canine Frustration. Frustration Tolerance part 2

Frustration Tolerance p 2. Common Types of Frustration.

This is part 2 of talking about the importance of knowing what level of frustration tolerance your dog has. Click here to go to the previous blog.

These are examples of the main types of frustration in dogs:

  • General frustration – pretty much everything sets the dog off. It happens daily and does not take much to trigger. It is most probably a temperament trait.

  •  Barrier frustration – when the dog has a goal and there is a barrier that is blocking him. 

    We use this frustration frequently to teach puppies to bark. We create prey drive but do not let them reach the toy. Many will bark out of frustration. 
    Dogs barking their heads off in the car on the club field – definitely fall into this category.
  • Unmet expectations – it is very common for a puppy to get used to being paid for each behavior. He might get frustrated if you try to ask for more.

    This can also apply to guarding objects. The dog’s expectation is that all bones in the household belong to him.
  • Lack of autonomous control – the dog cannot independently either avoid an aversive or access something desirable. The most common example is leash reactivity or restrains. 

  • It also has to do with personal space. A dog can also become territorial as a part of autonomous control.

    A dog that consistently experiences frustration in the same situation might create repetitive behavior and even develop OCD.

    It is important to understand why your dog is frustrated. Once this is identified, we can work on reducing frustration to improve the learning process.

    Stay tuned for the next blog article.

    Below is the link to the research article used for this post “The Canine Frustration Questionnaire—Development of a New Psychometric Tool for Measuring Frustration in Domestic Dogs (Canis familiaris)”

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