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    Handler Skills In Protection

    Handler Skills In Protection

    Critical skills to improve communication between the dog and the Handler in Protection. Many conflicts arise when the dog is unclear or has certain expectations that are not met. Being a good Handler makes Helper work much easier. Check out here…
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    Protection – Attitude

    Protection - Attitude

    Prey Drive & Aggression are the FUEL in Protection Work.

  • 8 Lessons

    Protection – Barking

    Protection - Barking

    We believe that when possible technical parts have to be done in the lowest level of drive. This allows fewer mistakes and less stress in the dog. There are multiple ways to train powerful Bark and Hold. We would like to discourage you from beginning working with a Helper and a sleeve in a blind. Let us show you how......
  • 9 Lessons

    Protection – Biting

    Protection - Biting

    Teach your dog to bite full and hard, and avoid chewing and rebiting. We will cover every exercise requiring a bite: short escape, long attack, re-attack, etc. Please follow exercises in a consecutive manner. You will not find such a complete program anywhere else. Take a look inside ........
  • 3 Lessons

    Protection – Out

    Protection - Out

    We are looking for a fast and clean "out" without a conflict. We will cover both passive and active "out." The way to achieve this is by a gradual increase in drive as the dog learns how to give up the prey. Take your time and do not rush building this skill. Here is how......

  • 7 Lessons

    Protection – Secondary Obedience

    Protection - Secondary Obedience

    Our sport is all about drive and control. It is impressive when there is a perfect balance. We will teach you in this section how to make your do follow instructions and be intense at the same time. A Handler can do many exercises without a Helper. Take a look.....