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Meet and Greet and Play

The puppy is not a greeting a young Labrador. Both dogs will be on a leash in the beginning because the greeting is happening in an open area. We want to make sure that the puppy does not run away across the street into traffic.

Finally, the little one meets a dog that really wants to play. After having learned lessons with other dogs, he is more polite.

Once we feel more comfortable with the situation, we will take the puppy off-leash while the adult dog remains leashed for a little bit longer.

The motion is relaxing for dogs. It is best if you do not stand still and continue as if you are going for a walk.

It is also important to know that if the older dog does not have basic obedience and recall, both he and the puppy might take off and not return when called back.

There was a track laid with food earlier that day. And Labrador being a Labrador, forgets about the puppy and searchers for food.

The Labrador is super friendly and relaxed. She and the puppy are having a great time together.

It is critical to socialize the puppy when he is young. Try to find different dogs of different temperaments and breeds. Please be mindful that an overly dominant or aggressive dog may damage the young puppy’s temperament by severe overcorrection. It is not a great idea to meet strange dogs at that age because we do not know the other dogs’ temperaments.