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How to Create a Training Plan for a Puppy

How to Create a Training Plan for a Puppy

This course is designed with a perfect balance of Concentration, Motivation, Motor Skills and Proactivity exercises.

You are welcome to mix and match exercises each week. We do recommend that Proactivity is done each day and eventually before each exercise (except for Tracking).

Please note that Tracking is not included in this course because it depends on the weather in your area. Please replace 2-3 training sessions a week with Tracking and begin with Scent Pad exercises.

You should not have more than 3 short training sessions a day. Puppies are sponges and will work non-stop but we need to be cautious not to overdo it.

Each session should not exceed 10 minutes and should be finished with some play. Playing releases endorphins and helps retaining of learning.

To balance your daily schedule, it is best to include one Concentration, and two Motivation exercises. In the beginning, Motor Skills will be included as a separate session but once the puppy does them really well, you will include them as a short warm up combined with Proactivity.

Pease note that the purpose of this course is to help you begin navigating the Academy. Chances are, you might progress through different courses at different speed and will have to adjust our suggestions.