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Milestone 1 Examples of Weekly Training Plans

Milestone 1 – Examples of Weekly Training Plans

Try to do 1 Concentration and 2 Motivation exercises a day if you do 3 sessions. Or 1 Concentration and 1 Motivation if you do 2 sessions a day.

Proactivity is now combined with Motor Skills as a warm up in the beginning of each exercises, except for Tracking.

You should continue maintaining Out and Come although they are not on the schedule. You can do both while playing at the end of the sessions. Make sure you always have the leash in your hand.

You will play with a ball and Out the dog randomly. You can give the dog the ball to carry and call him to you. These are critical skills that need constant maintenance.

Do not forget to give your dog random breaks in the training schedule to play or walk or do Physio.