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Milestone 2 Realistic Expectations

Milestone 2 – Realistic Expectations

Chances are that your puppy will be heeling with the ball in your arm (not under your arm) for about a month or more. Many people rush, forgetting that when puppies grow, they need to re-learn motor skills.

Heeling with the ball under your arm is actual heeling. If the puppy is not solid in motor skills – you might ruin your heeling because you are now asking for the precision of the position. When you heel with the ball in your hand – this is just a motor skill and does not represent future heeling position. Of course, we want the head position, rhythm, etc. If it shifts as the puppy grows – not a problem. You readjust.

You will be still working on Mechanical in Stay Positions. This exercise also takes time to develop.

Your puppy will learn quickly to go around the poles without a Down, so you can add another exercise and reduce frequency of this one.

The puppy will be glad to bark at you. When you are working with a ball and he is getting a good understanding – add another exercise and reduce frequency of this one.

We hope this gave you a good start in the program. Enjoy the journey with your dog!