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Things Not Included in This Course

Things Not Included in This Course

Please review Puppy Course and fill in the gaps you might have, whether it is socialization, grooming, travel, etc.

Depending on the status of your vaccinations and recommendation of your veterinarian, minimum once a week make a trip to socialize your puppy outside of the everyday environment.

A puppy under 16 weeks in very impressionable. Please insure that you do not try to desensitize him to things he is worried about but counter-condition them.

An example will be that you happen to live outside of the city in a very quiet area. You decide to go and socialize your puppy. You happen to walk by a busy road and your puppy is showing discomfort when cars go by.

Desensitization example – standing by that road until the puppy either gets used to this distraction or simply get exhausted from stress.

Counter-conditioning – changing how the puppy feels about cars. When a car goes by – give your puppy food or pull out a toy and celebrate. Do not make this session longer than 5 minutes.

We are including a minimum of 3 Motor Skills exercises. It is really beneficial to have more. You can make your Proactivity warm up session really varied and exciting. Take a look at the complete list.

We highly recommend adding Shaping sessions. They are phenomenal for puppies and help them become very open-minded and not being afraid to make a mistake.