How to Use Prey Drive to Help Stop Chewing Dumbbell

How to Use Prey Drive to Help Stop Chewing Dumbbell

One of the solutions for chewing dumbbell is to apply Negative Reinforcement when the dog is chewing and release the pressure the instance the dog stops chewing. The problem arises when we work with dogs that simply do not stop chewing, therefore, not allowing us to reinforce.

As you know, some dogs cannot bark when they are in prey drive. You see this frequently in Protection during Hold and Bark. If the Helper always simply moves his arm to give a dog a bite, the dog does not have a precursor to the bite. Therefore, the dog is afraid to miss the sleeve, and the dog is silent and cannot bark. When this behavior occurs in Protection work, of course, we have to fix it.

On the other hand, we can use the same concept while working with a dumbbell.

You can try putting a ball under your chin and ask your dog to come from a short distance and simply drop the ball. Do not expect anything from your dog. He just needs to be close to you. Repeat it a few times. The dog will be quite focused on the ball and will be afraid to miss it.

The next time instead of saying come, you will present the dumbbell and say Apport.

The dog might be so locked in on the ball that he will take the dumbbell without paying attention to it, therefore not chewing it. The moment the dog does not chew, mark and drop the ball.

Complete a number of repetitions before you can keep the ball in your pocket.

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