We Help IGP Dog Handlers In Our Online Courses

with a Proven Dog Training System

that Works With Every Dog!

Let me make sure you’re clear on one thing…

This is NOT simply an Online Course on how to train an IGP Dog. It’s more.

This is a complete Step by Step guide on how you can successfully train your dog in Tracking, Obedience and Protection Work in no time and a lot easier, than ever before.


Over 60 online course waiting for you

Choose how you wish to navigate the Academy. Choose step-by-step training or only topics important to you. We have a video for anything.


Real live training with green dogs

You will see our Malinois, Zack. We started recording his training at the age of 12 weeks. He is competing now. Follow his journey...


Facebook Group access

We support our students in Our Facebook group. We review their videos, answer questions and guide them through our Academy. They never feel alone.


Clear Communication with dogs

We teach our students how to communicate clearly with their dogs, set manageable steps while building complex behaviors and train at the speed of the dog.

You probably have watched a lot of YouTube videos or researched Facebook Groups.

By now, I am confident you know that neither watching YouTube videos nor joining Facebook groups will get you off the ground.

I have a better approach for you.

And I had many dog handlers asking me how I am doing it and if I could do the same for them?!

The answer is:

Yes, I can help Newbies, Intermediate

and Professional Dog Handlers ...

What students say

About Tobias Oleynik

Tobias Oleynik is from Germany. He is a World Level IGP Competitor and instructor to many club, regional, national and international competitive teams. He focuses on IGP, Police, Search and Rescue dogs. 

Results from Tobias

  • 1st place Bundes FCI Qualification
  • 2nd place German Championship BSP
  • 7th place German Championship BSP
  • 12th place CDH German Championship
  • 7th place World Championship
  • Best Obedience with 97 points on a World Championship

Achievements from Students

  • 3x German Champion BSP 
  • 2nd place World Championship
  • 3rd Place FMBB World Championship
  • 2nd place World Championship
  • Norwegian Champion
  • United Kingdom Champion
  • 1st Place ADRK World Championship Rottweiler

It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You!


Puppy / Youngster Program

Not sure if you are giving your Schutzhund | IGP puppy everything he needs to have the best start in life? We will lead you through all fundamental skills that will set him up for success in everyday life and sport training

Step by Step  and Troubleshooting Program

No more confusion about what, when, and how to train your working dog. Sometimes we have so many exercises to begin or to finish. Our step-by-step program guides our students on their path from young dog exercises to trial readiness. You can also pick and choose our methods to complement your program

Trial Preparation Program

The most challenging task is to free your dog from dependency on tools and reinforcement. Our easy-to-follow trial prep system will aid in this task. Also, we will prepare your dog for any eventuality at a trial. Step onto the field with confidence in yourself and your dog

You do not have to spend any money!

Simply join now and try it absolutely free for 5 days. If you love it – stay with us to have uninterrupted access. First year your membership will be $60 a month, after month 13 - it will drop to only $20 a month

Follow us and keep updated

P.S.: If you are really interested in understanding your dog better and find a clear way to communicate with your dog, then sign up for our Online Academy! When I started dog training I wished for a platform like this!
Take what you like, add your own experience and you will get the perfect training system for you and your dog!