Tired of dont know excactly what to do with your Puppy or your young Dog?

Introducing our Step by Step Program
 – your guide to quickly and easily train your dog

You are about to join a Program which contains the same steps I’ve used to train dogs from day 1 until they competed on the
World Championships!

Over 100 course waiting for you

Choose how you wish to navigate the Academy. Choose step-by-step training or only topics important to you. We have a video for anything.

Real training with green dogs

You will see our Malinois, Zack. We started recording his training at the age of 12 weeks. He is competing now. Follow his journey...

Exclusive Facebook Group

We support our students in Our Facebook group. We review their videos, answer questions and guide them through our Academy. They never feel alone.

New content every week

Dog training is never static. We constantly work on new material and are developing new training tips. All videos are real-life training.

A Clear Path For Your Success

 Foundation Section

Puppy Course - Foundation Section

  • Puppy Moves in - What do I need?
  • Teach a reliable Recall
  • Meet & Greet - Making New Friends
  • Crate Training – A safe Place Where the Puppy Can Get Rest & Learn How to be Clean
  • Ride in a Car / Trailer – It is All About Trust
  • How to Brush the Little Puppy – How Learning Laws Can Help You
  • Puppy teeth can hurt – Stop biting me!
  • Socialization – Explore the World
  • Food Aggression - How to deal with that problem
  • Fleas, Ticks, Parasites, and Deworming – How to Protect Your Dog
  • Cleaning Time – Ears, Eyes, etc.
  • Health – The Perfect Start into a Great Life with the Right Supplements
  • Endurance, Muscle Training & Jumps – Less is More
  • Cut Nails – Nail Design for Your Dog
  • Vet Appointment – Learn to Love

Basic Obedience Course - Foundation Section

  • Reliable Recall
  • Stay at your position
  • Out (give, leave it)
  • Stop Signal "No"

Motor Skills & Tricks - Foundation Section

  • Twist - A very important movement for final and about turn flip style.
  • Around you - “Around You” is just what it sounds like
  • Eights between your legs
  • Right/Left Spin into Heel
  • Reverse – Motor Skill
  • Rotation Disk – Motor Skill
  • Between your Legs – Motor Skill
  • Bunny – Trick
  • High Five – Trick
  • Pang – Trick

Training Section - Step by Step

Tracking - Step by Step 

  • How to Create a Scent Pad 
  • How to Approach the Scent Pad
  • How to Work the Scent Pad
  • Jackpots - increase dog’s desire to track
  • Believe in an Empty Scent Pad
  • How to Leave the Scent Pad
  • Create a Helping Tool to Control Speed
  • How to Remove Food
  • Teach your dog bows
  • Becoming Accustomed to Wind
  • Jackpot Straight Lines
  • Begin with a 45° Corner
  • 90° Corner
  • How to Make NORMAL Corners
  • Stare at the Article
  • Put Track and Articles Together
  • Finding the Right Balance Between Focus and Drive

Obedience - Step by Step

  • Stay Positions (Out of Motion Exercises)
  • Heeling
  • Right & Left Turns
  • About-Turn Wrap Around
  • About-Turn Flip
  • Recall
  • Finish Flip
  • Finish Wrap-Around
  • Apport Step by Step
  • Jumping - 1 Meter - With 2 Boxes
  • Jumping - 1 Meter - With 2 Poles
  • Jumping Technique
  • Jumping - A-Frame - With 2 Poles
  • Send Away with Ball Dropper
  • Send Away with Food Machine
  • Send Away with Poles
  • Long Down Under Distractions

Protection Work - Step by Step


  • How to start with a Puppy
  • Handler Skills In Protection
  • Prey Drive - Prey drive is inherent
  • Defense Drive - Decoy Aggression
  • Defense Drive - Prey Aggression


  • Barking – Ball Dropper
  • Barking – Toy
  • Barking – Helper with Pillow
  • Barking – Decoy with Sleeve


  • 3 Phases of Biting
  • Biting – Grip
  • Short Escape
  • Re-Attack / Frustration Technique
  • Pressure Phase
  • Attack Out of Back Transport
  • Long Attack


  • Active Out
  • Passive Out

Secondary Obedience

  • Heeling in C
  • Back Transport
  • Side Transport
  • Call out of the Blind
  • Run the Blinds
  • “Helper, Step Back” Including a Special Tip :-)

Trial Preparation

Tracking - Obedience - Protection Work

  • Fade out Helps
  • Remove Rewards
  • Teach your dog to deal with Conflicts
  • The power of generalization
  • Conflict Management System
  • Stimulus control & Learning Pyramide

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