No more accidents in the Long Attack and finally a dog that's heels and listens in Protection Work like in the Obedience

Here is what you can expect in the Long Attack Course

  • 1. Your Dog crashes into the Helper? We will teach you techniques and exercises to ensure your dog does not crash into the helper during long attacks. Our step-by-step guidance will help you create a safe and controlled approach, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • 2. Your Dog is too slow in the Long Attack? If your dog tends to be too slow in long attacks, our course will focus on methods to enhance their speed and agility. You'll discover training exercises designed to boost your dog's pace, making them more competitive in IGP dog sports.
  • 3. Your Dog cannot hold the Grip in the Long Attack? Holding the grip is crucial for a successful long attack. We will provide specialized training strategies to strengthen your dog's grip, ensuring they maintain control throughout the exercise. You'll learn how to build and maintain a solid grip, preventing point deductions in competitions.

Here is what you can expect in the Control Course

  • 1. Your dog is out of control in Protection Work? We'll guide you through effective methods to regain control over your dog in the context of Protection Work. Whether your dog becomes overly excited or distracted, our course will teach you how to maintain composure and ensure they follow your commands consistently.
  • 2. The Heeling in Protection Work is not the same as in Obedience? You'll learn the critical differences between heeling in Obedience and Protection Work. Our course will provide you with the skills to smoothly transition your dog between these two modes, ensuring they understand and respond appropriately to each scenario.
  • 3. When your dog sees the Helper he won't listen anymore? When your dog becomes fixated on the Helper, it can be challenging to maintain control. We'll teach you strategies to redirect your dog's attention and reinforce their responsiveness even in the presence of the Helper.

You can get both course for only 119,- €!