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Problem Solving Course - Protection

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Noise in the Grip

Explore our expert guidance on calming your dog and reducing unnecessary noise. We provide comprehensive strategies and compassionate techniques designed to ensure they remain calm in the grip. Learn how to create a peaceful environment for your dog through positive reinforcement, behavioral training, and specialized care tailored to their specific needs. 

Long Attack - Improve Confidence

The "Long Attack" or "Courage Test" is designed to assess and enhance a dog's confidence. In this course, you will discover techniques to boost your dog's self-assurance, enabling them to perform with power and precision in the Long Attack.

Short Escape - Rock Solid Strike

The Short Escape challenge involves training your dog to sprint at top speed and then tactfully angle in from the side to achieve a secure grip. While this technique is typically complex to master, we've simplified the process to make it easy for you!

Slow Attack

Following the guarding phase, it is essential for the dog to engage assertively and without any reservations. This phase is critical, as it demonstrates the dog's ability to transition from watchfulness to action. Naturally, some dogs possess an innate ability to execute this behavior effectively due to their genetic predisposition or early socialization experiences. 

Grip - Not Full

Ensure a full grip with every training session! If your dog naturally struggles with a full bite due to genetic factors, we have an effective and simple method to help. Our approach is designed to encourage and develop your dog's biting technique, ensuring they achieve a full and proper grip every time. 

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