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(at least according to the dog handlers we have helped so far...)

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See What Others Are Saying:

Bart Bellon

"Tobias is young, knowledgeable and charismatic! Results do speak for him!"

Crenguta Mardare

"I found out about this Academy a week ago. It changed my life since then. I watched all courses, day and night (overreacting). The thing is that these two great people, Toby and Anna, are so charismatic, smart, sweet and can deliver any information for anybody."

Rikke Johannessen 

"An excellent learning platform with focus on all details. I am so excited to be part of the program.  Works much better than a normal course because here you can go back and also troubleshoot whatever problem you have. "

The success stories
speak for itself!

3 x Winner of the SV BSP in Germany

Vice World Champion of the WUSV

3rd place of the FMBB

Norwegian Champion

Dutch Campion

UK Champion


...just to name a view of them!

A Clear Path for IGP Sport
Instead of giving you pieces and bites,
we provide you with a complete training system from A-Z.

It is not a typical online dog training course! This is the most complete online program not only for professional handlers but also for beginners who want to level up the training .

Step by Step Program

No more guessing what you need to work on and how to train your dog.

Troubleshooting Program

Clear solutions to common IGP problems. Learn how to get your dog back on track.

Trial Preparation Program

Prepare your dog for upcoming trials or competitions.

Theory Classes

Gain a real insight into our System and why it works.

Physio Program

Learn how to train your athlete.

Professional software to learn anywhere & anytime



How can I become a member?

Just buy a "monthly membership" and you will get access to the entire academy.


How long is the membership and what is the price?

The membership is for 4 weeks and costs $60. If you stay with us for 12 months the price will drop to $20 per month. You can cancel your membership at anytime.


Many programs use pre-trained dogs. What about your Academy?

In our videos, you will see dogs doing exercises for the first time. You will see their progression through the program one step at a time. You will see all the struggles and mistakes as they happened in real life.


Is your program better for experienced trainers or those new to the sport?

Because it is a step by step program, anybody can use it. More experienced handlers may pick and choose exercises to focus. As far as newcomers to the sport, we advise following the program in its entirety without mixing with other systems. It helps avoid confusion. Once the handlers become more experienced, it will be easier to decide which path to take.

Have a look what you can expect from the Academy

Theory Example

Tracking Example

Protection Example

Cathrine Stenmoe - Place 5th in the World

Tobias’s training has helped me become National Champion twice and number 5 at WUSV. First time I was introduced to this way of training my dog was already a bit educated. But we had a lot of problems with communication. Tobias helped me to become a better handler and then also the Results came.


- Take what you like from the Academy!

- Add your own experinces!

- Skip what you don`t like!
...and you will end up with YOUR UNIQUE Training System!

Our promise to YOU:

- Clear und easy to follow steps!

- Working with green dogs!

- Over 112 courses!

- Around 1100 videos!

- Access to our Facebook group!

- Monthly cost only $60 ( it is worth every penny!)
- You can cancel anytime!