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Dog Tries to Follow

Dog Tries to Follow

Please watch the previous tab as we are using the same methods.We are separating Bark and Hold from call out of the blind from Helper step out of the blind.

The dog in this video wants to follow the Helper when he steps out of the blind. Tobias uses Opposition Reflex to teach the dog to stay in Basic Position. In the beginning, the Helper does not even move. Even then the dog is not very solid.

We then increase the difficulty.

  • The Helper steps out
  • The Assistant applies Opposition Reflex
  • The dog moves after the Helper
  • The Handler uses Negative Marker and pops the leash
  • Once the dog is back in the Basic Position, Negative Reinforcement stops

When the dog is successful, he is reinforced with a bite.

Through Classical Conditioning, the dog will brace and sit when the Helper steps out.

Once the dog understood this, we did a short call out to make it easier for the dog. Then proceeded to Helper step out.

Please remember not to create a behavior chain and sometimes reinforce the dog for basic sit and give him a bite, other time do a call out and give a bite, or do Helper step back. We cannot afford for the dog to anticipate what is coming and make a mistake.