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Helper, Step Back Troubleshooting

Helper, Step Back Troubleshooting

We lower the drive by not making the dog bark. The Helper will simply stand in front of the Handler and the dog and will walk backward upon Handler’s request. If the dog is calm, give him a bite.

Next step is to ensure the dog is sitting and is not hovering. For this, we will use Opposition Reflex. The Helper will hold a second leash and will try to pull the dog out of the position. Of course, it is important to allow the dog to succeed. If the dog remains in the position – give him a bite.

We then increase the speed of the Helper’s movement following the same concept above.

Next, we add at least 5 seconds of barking – 05:30 sec. Please note that both the Helper and the Handler use their leashes to assist the dog in sitting.

If the dog makes a mistake, we will use Negative Marker and will provide a consequence.

It is important that the dog does not know what to expect or he will stop barking after 5 seconds. Sometimes, instead of asking him to sit, give him a bite. If the dog stops barking, the Helper can give an activation pop on the leash and ask the dog to bark.