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It is OK to Make a Mistake

It is OK to Make a Mistake

This video follows the same concept as the previous one with a few differences.

At the beginning of the video, the Helper had the sleeve but reinforced with a bite pillow. We are trying to lower the drive and take away the focus off the sleeve.

In the second part of the video, the Helper just holds the bite pillow, hence lowering the drive even further in an attempt to help the dog think.

An interesting side point. When you hold the dog by the collar he is allowed to be in a high state of drive (lunge and bark), when you give your dog a command, such as sit, he needs to be quiet. This way the dog is very clear about what needs to happen.

If the dog has been corrected 6 or so times with no success – the corrections are inconsequential to the dog and need to be escalated.

Sometimes, when you send the dog straight from the front into the blind, the dog might be clean, but when you send the dog from around the blind, more dogs become dirty.

When the dog is dirty, the Helper gives a verbal Negative Marker, and the Assistant pops the leash. Once the dog is barking cleanly – the Helper uses Positive Marker and reinforces the dog.