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Part 2 No Basic Sit

Part 2 – No Basic Sit

Second session. Still working on Basic Obedience. Tobias tries to add a Bark and Hold but the dog is unable to sit for 5 seconds. The reason we always ask for 5 seconds pause between the beginning and the end of the exercises is to break Classical Conditioning and not create a Behavior Chain. The moment Tobias takes the sleeve – the dog starts barking in anticipation.  The point of these two videos:

  1. Do not do anything without clear communication with the dog. You have to give your dog heads up about what is coming.
  2. Stop the behavior by using Negative Marker and providing a consequence.
  3. Do not rush the process and get enough reps for the dog to understand the behavior.
  4. Do not proceed to the higher level of training if your dog has no Basic Obedience.