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Part 1 the Power of Consequences​

Part 1 – the Power of Consequences​

As you can see the dog shakes the bite pillow non-stop from the instance he bites it. The challenge here is to be able to communicate to the dog that this is unacceptable. You can see Tobias popping the leash when the dog shakes. The difficulty is that that the dog is moving so fast and almost non-stop. Tobias tries to lower the dog’s drive and stands next to the dog just like a Handler. At some point, he has to interrupt the dog and pops him on the side of the head. It is not vicious or harsh just startling and it works.

04:10 – Tobias is finally able to get the dog to work on countering. The same concept as before. The dog is on a tie out. When the dog shakes, a Negative Marker is used and a consequence provided. When the dog counters, a Positive Marker is used and the dog gets the pillow.

The only way this can work is when the dog is kept in a low level of drive. Tobias sits next to the dog and pets him softly. He then proceeds to walk slowly with the dog.

At the end of the video, the dog is able to walk around with the pillow in his mouth while performing basic sist and downs.