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Stop Chewing and Growling during Transition Phase

Stop Chewing and Growling during Transition Phase

As we said before and will say again, it is very common for dogs to begin chewing when the Helper locks up. Most of the time, it is due to an expectation of an Out and an internal conflict.

We will place the dog on a flex pole and will work on countering. Tobias will show the dog Escape, and then he will go into the Transition Phase. Once he locks up, he will pull on the sleeve to tighten the leash holding the dog. If the dog counters, the pressure will go away, Positive Marker is used and the dog is reinforced by continuing to play. Through Classical Conditioningthe dog will expect not an Out but a continuation of play if she counters during a transition Phase.

Sometimes, we need to build more confidence in the dog and we switch to a softer sleeve.

Tobias also attaches a leash to the sleeve and tries to pull it away from the dog in order to improve the strength of the bite.

After the Helper locks up and waits 5 seconds:

  • He can do an Escape
  • He can do a Pressure Phase
  • He can reinforce the dog
  • We can Out the dog

Lower the dog’s stress level and do not Out every time the Helper locks up.