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Teaching Countering on the Agitation Table

Teaching Countering – on the Agitation Table

It is very common for dogs to begin chewing when the Helper locks up. Most of the time, it is due to an expectation of an Out and an internal conflict.

It is easier to teach the dog to counter on an agitation table. When Tobias pulls the dog slightly off the edge, the dog’s natural response is to pull back in order not to fall off.

When the dog counters, Tobias marks and releases the sleeve. Slowly Tobias works off the edge of the table once the dog understands the game.

Then we need to create a cue for the dog to remember to counter. Once the dog is close to the edge, the Assistant will tighten the leash, the dog will counter because of the edge, Tobias will mark when the dog counters, the leash is loosened and the sleeve is given to the dog. The leash tightening will become the cue to counter.