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Teaching Countering on the Ground

Teaching Countering – on the Ground

A countering dog cannot chew. It is physically impossible.

Please make certain that the dog is comfortable being back-tied.

Pull on the bite pillow and then release the tension. If the dog chews, use Negative Marker, pop the leash and immediately pull on the bite pillow. The instance the dog counters – release the pressure. The dog learns that when he chews, he is corrected and has to work hard to keep the bite pillow. When he himself counters – he gets the bite pillow.

Additional information. If the dog has a shallow bite, do not let him bite out of motion. Ask him to sit, wait and then tell him to bite. This increases the dog’s concentration.

Once this works well with a bite pillow, you would then switch to the sleeve. Always have a leash on your dog for potential correction.