Prevent your dog from pulling to the track

Prevent your dog from pulling to the track

Why do many young dogs or puppies pull us to the beginning of the track? 

You might say that they are excited. Of course, it is a part fit. 

You might say they are hungry. Of course it might be so too. In many puppies food drive might outweigh other drives.

But, what is more importantly... we taught them. We actually did.

Very frequently we start working small puppies on scent pads. We start these excises well before the puppy learns how to walk on a loose leash or even walk in the same direction with you.

Because the puppy has no idea how to behave on leash - he pulls us to the track.

We justify that the puppy is too young to be corrected for pulling. And he is just a puppy and he will grow out of it - not likely. 

It is best to prevent him from doing what you do not like or replace unwanted behavior with a desired behavior.

It takes time to teach your puppies loose-leash walking. Instead allowing him to drag you - pick your battles. You can scoop him up and carry him to the scent pad or you can get not too far away and lure the puppy all the way to the track.

Once puppy has good levels of loosed-leash walking - you can give him a chance to walk to the start flag.

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