Start the Race Flag in Tracking

Start the Race Flag in Tracking – Big Part of Dog Training is in Little Things – Part 1

Are you struggling with your dog’s speed on the track? Many of us do.

Training the puppy to approach start flag calmly is a great exercise that cannot be taught too early. Start flag in not a signal to begin the race. How the dog walks toward the start flag might influence how the dog runs the track. If he is pulling, vocalizing, spinning, etc. he is already overstimulated. Tracking requires focus and self-control.

If we help the dog learn how to be calm during approach, the better he can think and learn on the track. 

Overstimulation lowers cognitive function. 

If we do not help lower excitement, chances are we will be frustrated that the dog is not responding. In addition to ground, grass, etc, the dog will smell growing smell of cortisol and adrenalin you are producing at the end of the leash.

Because the dog is too overestimated to process info well, he might not even link that he is the one causing you stress, but something else in the environment.

When we start tracking with puppies, chances are they do not have loose leash walking skills. To prevent them from learning how to pull to the track, we simply lure the puppy to the track.  

This way we prevent undesirable habits to become established. Once the puppy understands loose leash walking, we practice approaching the flag. If it takes us five minutes to get to the flag, so be it.  

Help your puppy – start training flag approach early on.

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