Teaching HALT While Heeling with a 10-Month Old Puppy for the 1st Time

Teaching HALT While Heeling with a 10-Month Old Puppy for the 1st time.

Teaching HALT while heeling

Teaching HALT While Heeling - uncut, unedited, non-scripted, real-life training video. Look for tips inside.

Anna and Obelix are working on Heeling and making their first Halt after a step. 

There is a strong probability that Obelix might not be perfectly aligned every time. In this case, Anna uses Negative Reinforcement until he gets into the correct position. He understands to move until leash goes away.

She also reinforces for Heeling and not just Halt. We never want the dog to anticipate. It is a common mistake that needs to be avoided. 


Suppose we create an expectation of when the dog is going to be reinforced, and later we do not reinforce in that instance. In that case, the dog might become conflicted or offer the behavior at the wrong time because that behavior always pays off.

If you are working on 1 step and HALT, sometimes reinforce your dog for good attention in Basic Position, sometimes during 1st step, and sometimes for the HALT itself.

We always need to evaluate the best Heeling position for each dog. Not all dogs are created orthopedically identical.

It takes Obelix a few tries to find where he supposed to be. Work is definitely ahead.

This video is a part of Obelix diary in the Academy.

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