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Problem with OUT After Cradling the Dog

Problem with OUT After Cradling the Dog

Many Handlers struggle with a common mistake. They ask the dog to OUT, and the dog goes into overdrive and does not OUT.

If we think about it and pay attention to our behavior, we would notice that:

  • Many Handlers have the dog on a flat collar or agitation collar.
  • They allow the dog to pull them on that collar, for example, to the blind. Pulling on the collar is a signal for the dog to go into drive. That is acceptable.
  • The Helper gives the dog a bite, and the Handler cradles the dog.
  • The Handler pulls up on the collar and tells the dog to OUT. What was a non-verbal command for the dog to go into the drive now is a command to OUT. No wonder the dog is confused.

It is much more clear for the dog is if we were to use a flat or agitation collar to create drive and a slip lead for OUT.

It would look something like his:

  • Handler cradles the dog.
  • The Handler puts the left hand through the flat collar and anchors that hand against the left leg at the dog’s neck height while holding the slip lead in the right hand.
  • Handler waits 5 seconds before OUTING the dog. We do not want to create a Behavior Sequence and tell the dog that every time we hold the collar – we OUT. It can create a conflict.
  • Then Handler tells the dog to OUT and applies pressure on the slip lead. When the dog OUTs, the pressure is released.
  • After the dog OUTs, the Handler continues holding the dog against the leg for 5 seconds and activates the dog again.

By separating 2 collars and assigning them 2 separate meanings, we make it very easy for the dog to understand us.

Flat collar – go into drive. Slip lead – OUT.