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Heeling Training Video How to Find Rhythm in Heeling

Heeling Training Video – How to Find Rhythm in Heeling

Some dogs get very excited and hop and skip while heeling. There are a few solutions:

  • Always have a leash on the dog. Without the leash, we have no control and no ability to provide consequences.
  • The Handler should try to find a smooth speed that is good for the dog and try to avoid very abrupt stops.
  • When the dog hops, the Handler immediately and simultaneously stops and pops the leash as a consequence. After a brief pause, heeling is continued.
  • We recommend heeling only in a straight line without any turns until the rhythm is established and the dog is used to it.
  • To lower the drive slightly and help the dog think better, we would vary the length of heeling. Sometimes we heel 1 step, 5 steps, 3 steps, 7 steps, etc. Sometimes, if the dog does well, we reinforce while heeling, other times after a halt.
  • When the dog is heeling in a good rhythm, we mark and reinforce.
  • It is critical to have good timing and correct the dog immediately when hopping occurs. Poor timing will confuse the dog.
  • The Handler in the video encourages her dog while the dog is heeling well. Inadvertently, the Handler’s voice is too excited and sends the dog in the overdrive.

Once the rhythm is established, you can add changes in direction.