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Introducing a 7 Month Old Puppy to Apport

Introducing a 7-Month Old Puppy to Apport

The dog in this video is seven months old.

Session #1

The Handler begins by presenting the stick horizontally just out of reach of the dog. Every time the dog looks at it, the Handler marks and reinforces. It is a little confusing for the dog. We prefer to present it vertically so the dog knows he cannot have it. Once it is presented horizontally – the dog can take it.

00:51-1:22 sec – the Handler then lets the dog grab the stick. The dog is only expected to put his teeth on the stick and not hold it yet.

01:22-01:50 sec – to make it easier for the dog to understand, the Handler now presents it vertically for “do not take it,” and horizontally for “you can take it.”

1:51-2:45 sec – the same steps as above but in the box. It helps the dog to focus and limit his movements. Of course, it is beneficial if the dog knows that he is not allowed to leave the box.

2:46-5:17 sec – the Handler introduces chin rest. You can see that it is not easy, and it requires patience.

Session #2

The second session is the continuation of the first one. You can see that the dog still not quite clear about the exercise; therefore, he vocalizes. On the other hand, his concentration and focus are much improved from the 1st session.

Repetitions are required.