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Practicing Corners

Practicing Corners

In this video, you saw Tobias practicing tracking corners with Zack.

Because the training process has not been completed, Tobias uses a short leash to ensure that he can help the dog if he misses a corner.

You can see Zack troubleshoot a cross-track – 59:10 sec.

Zack does an excellent job at the 1st corner – 01:30 sec.

To lay a corner for Zack Tobias does a single step instead of a double step. It is more challenging for the dog, and it is closer to the trial picture.

2nd corner – great – 01:52 sec. For a second, the dog thought it was in the opposite direction but immediately corrected himself.

3rd corner – awesome – 02:30 sec. Zack took direction very well but sped up after the turn.

As always, it happens in training, you solve one issue, and something else pops up.

The next corner is at 03:02 sec. Tobias applies gentle pressure on the leash to prevent the dog from speeding up.

At the beginning of the track, there were a few corners. Towards the end of the track, there is a long straight line to help the dog remain confident.

Try to have a good balance for not an extremely experienced dog. If you do too many corners, it might be too difficult for the dog, and he might become insecure.

You can see Tobias trying to disorient Zack by rotating him. Once Zack is done eating his food, he has to find the right path yet again 04:01 sec.

It is more difficult switching terrain 04:58 sec, and somehow Zack misses his jackpot, but overall it was a great training session.