Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Step 1 Focus on the Ball on the Ground

Step 1 – Focus on the Ball on the Ground

In back transport, the dog must remain focused on the Helper while remaining in perfect heel position. It is very common for dogs to forge during this exercise.

To teach the dog successfully, we must lower the drive while explaining focus.

  • Place the dog in sitting position – 00:13 sec.
  • Have a ball a few feet away on the ground.
  • Wait for the dog to focus on the ball.
  • Mark and release the dog to the ball.

If the dog does not look at the ball, you may use your left hand to guide him. Try not to help him more than a couple of times. He should be able to figure out this game very quickly.

Vary the length of focus on the ball before release.

You can start pretty close to the ball and build up the distance of 5 steps.

Once the dog does well with the stationary ball on the ground, ask your assistant to hold it – 01:16 sec.