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Step 2 Create Silence​ while in Prey Drive

Step 2 – Create Silence​ while in Prey Drive

To create silence in prey drive, we will try to reinforce in prey as much as possible.

Tobias allows the dog to hold on to the ball while he himself holds the rope from 00:32 sec until 00:54 sec. He asks the dog to Out and immediately gives the ball back. They play tug for a few seconds.

At 00:58 sec the dog becomes silent trying to catch the ball.

Later Tobias tries to lock up twice, but the dog went silent. Remember not to fall back on the easy way out and engage the dog. Simply reset, walk away and try again.

At 01: 37 sec the dog finally barks and gets reinforced.

Distance is sometimes a powerful tool. If the dog is not the most confident, leaving more room between him and the helper may boost the dog’s self-confidence.

02:14 sec – the dog barks again and gets reinforced.

We will help this dog to separate prey and aggression pictures by using the whip.

Look how much better dog is becoming between 03:04 sec and 03:10 sec. The wheels are turning!

This video was recorded during a seminar and, of course, there was no time to train this behavior to perfection but you can see already that the dog’s barking is becoming more powerful and clear.