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Lesson 1, Topic 8
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Training Examples

Long Bite Training Examples

6 Months Old GSD

You can see the use of slight counter-pressure to get the puppy to want to get to the pillow. The bite is easy. No need to make it difficult. It is about attitude and giving the puppy a new picture.

Puppy Basko – From 5 to 10 Months

This puppy is a little bit more advanced. You can see the progression.

The speed of approach is faster. The puppy flies through and later the Helper spins a little.

You can see the use of soft, pillow, a roll, a harder pillow, then a short sleeve.

Coda – 10 Months Old

Pl├╝sch – 13 Months Old

It is a good idea to take the long line off the dog to ensure safety.

Look at the launch!!!!

Long Bite Collection