When To Start Training Your Pup

When to Start Training Your Puppy

Many of our students wonder when to start training their puppy. Some are afraid to start too early, others too late. 

Puppies are like sponges. It is essential to balance their training and not do too much. We must always be aware of what a puppy is capable of physically and mentally.

We start training our puppies the moment they arrive at our house. Everything we do, they consider playing. Nothing really formal.

Five minutes is all we recommend in one session. Multiple sessions a day. More than three is too many. We train using meals. If you feed three times - 3 sessions. If you feed twice - 2 sessions.

Many people start Protection dog training exercises too early or do too much puppy Obedience Training, so he gets bored. Or sometimes, not enough Basic Obedience, and their puppy does not even know his name.

There is a specific way to balance your weekly training schedule for your puppy. We always recommend training plans. There are so many things to train our puppies we can lose track or do too much.

We recommend these exercises:

  • Tracking - Scent Pads
  • Obedience - Stay Positions and/or Heeling motor skills.
  • Protection - "Scare Helper Away" and/or running blinds.

Choose 3-4 a week and spread throughout the week. And do not forget to play with your puppy at the end of each session.

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