Without Control you will fail on every trial!
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Control Course - Online Course

Say goodbye to common control problems and ensure that your dog listens and responds reliably!

Your dog is out of control in Protection Work?

We'll guide you through effective methods to regain control over your dog in the context of Protection Work. Whether your dog becomes overly excited or distracted, our course will teach you how to maintain composure and ensure they follow your commands consistently.

When your dog sees the Helper he won't listen anymore?

When your dog becomes fixated on the Helper, it can be challenging to maintain control. We'll teach you strategies to redirect your dog's attention and reinforce their responsiveness even in the presence of the Helper.

The Heeling in Protection Work is not the same as in Obedience?

You'll learn the critical differences between heeling in Obedience and Protection Work. Our course will provide you with the skills to smoothly transition your dog between these two modes, ensuring they understand and respond appropriately to each scenario.

Lifetime Access and Community

Enjoy unlimited, lifetime access to course materials and join a supportive online community of fellow dog enthusiasts. Share your progress, ask questions, and receive ongoing support, fostering a positive learning environment and lasting connections.