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Control Course with Jany Böhm

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These are all the lessons:

Let´s get started – Introduction

Let me introduce you to Mr. Willson
What means Fuss – Basic Position

1. Prerequisites – Helping Exercises

1.1.1 Re-Call with Toy – how to start
1.1.2 Re-Call with Toy – done
1.1.3 Why do we recall the toy and theory about using two sleeves in training
1.1.4 How to train that with a young dog
1.2.1 How to teach pulling out of position
1.2.2 Pulling out position theory
1.2.3 Example theory
1.2.4 Pushing dog out of position
1.2.5 Pulling out of position
1.3.1 Explanation difference between out and give me and enough command

2. Wilson I – Indirect Reward

2.0 Why is Mr. Wilson lying on the ground
2.1 Wilson I – Indirect Reward Basic Position
2.2 Wilson I – Indirect Reward Heeling

3. Wilson II – Training Buddy

3.1 Basic Position Fuss
3.1.1 Basic Position Sit
3.2 Heeling + Stoping
3.2.1 Theory of how to read dog in control
3.3.1 Provocation
3.3.2 Provocation and Testing Position
3.4 Provocation – Theory
3.5 Control to the Short Escape
3.6 Theory release movements
3.6.1 Keeping straight Position with the Stick
3.7. Mixing everything basic position, heeling, stops, and switching focus
3.7.1 Control to side transport, control around the helper
3.8 Emotions switching theory
3.9 Theory about shaping – voluntarily making the Task

4.0 Outro – Repetitions

14 reviews for Control Course with Jany Böhm

  1. Marco A. (verified owner)

    Jany is one of the top handlers and I appreciate all the detailed explanations of this lesson! I started to exercise as he teaches and I already see improvements

  2. Heike J. (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoy the Control course and have learned a great deal. Each time I re-watch it, I discover more details that I missed initially! There is so much insightful and valuable content here. To name just a few things I absolutely LOVE: (1) Having a variety of release methods is super awesome and beneficial. (2) The “two sleeve” method has helped my dog so much to overcome some “little frustrations” because now the sleeve remains nearby instead of always being returned directly to the assistant or helper. (3) The introduction of an informal command to have the dog “stay with me” so I can praise and admire him for his trophy is incredibly rewarding; and, actually, my dog now eagerly assumes this position because he loves this moment of admiration from mama so much. THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the work you put into this course!

  3. Fabio F. (verified owner)

    i love the control course with jany bohm , it’s full of awsome content and jany explain so well all the tecniques. i think that this course it is a must have for all the igp handler

  4. Ulf F. (verified owner)

    It should be mandatory for everyone who trains with Jany to: either in connection with buying a place at a seminar with Jany also be “forced” to buy an online course. Or that one of the courses would be included in the seminar the first time you buy a place.
    It would make it so much easier/more efficient for the dog handler to understand what Jany does/says and in that way progress faster in his training. But the dog handler would also have the opportunity to go back and perform many of the exercises without Jany being there.
    Even thoug I train with Jany, I think I benefit greatley from the onlinecourse.

  5. Christel L. (verified owner)

    Excellent course that shows you smart traing tips.
    I love that the combination between video that shows you how to do the exercise and the explanations.

  6. Ewa G. (verified owner)

    I love the Control Course with Jany Bohm. The step by step tutorials were easy to follow, full of useful content that I could easily integrate into my daily training program. I especially loved the different ways Jany releases his dog, and now look forward to taking the Release Course!!!

  7. Tomas V. (verified owner)

    I have been watching this course and it’s good content. Plus the energy that Jany has is exciting and fun! I end up with a smile and happy when I finish watching the videos

  8. Sasha L. (verified owner)

    Your dog would be absolutely grateful to you for buying this course. Jany teaches you absolutely necessary handling skills and skills to teach your dog that allows you create correct emotional state for the dog during protection training. This is gold

  9. Dean H. (verified owner)

    Great course we’ll explained would recommend to any one as it is easy to follow. I specifically liked the bit about the basic position as that is a new way to me.

  10. Gaëtan L. (verified owner)

    Very interesting training. Everything is well detailed. The quality of the videos is excellent and you can hear what is said very clearly.
    Too bad there is no French translation…

  11. Gaëtan L. (verified owner)

    Very interesting training. Everything is well detailed. The quality of the videos is excellent and you can hear what is said very clearly.
    Too bad there is no French translation…

  12. Manuel Schneeweiss (verified owner)

    I feel this course is a must for every handler & helper no matter the level. The walkthrough and attention to detail to create amazing control & harmony in protection with your dog is amazing! It is the essence of more than 20 years of hands on experience and success! Thanks for sharing this priceless information with the world Jany!

  13. Kateryna M. (verified owner)

    Absolutely recommended for everyone!Information which you will get from this course you will use every training.
    I love how Jany gave information
    He shows and then you explain each step
    what he did,great,bravo,it’s perfectly!

  14. Jeremy Olmez (verified owner)

    Fantastic philosophy with great explanation. I tried already with my dog and see changes in 1 training!! I really recommand this video’s of control for a better explanation to your dog and yourself.

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