"Silent Gurading" Protection
Mini Course

Silent Guarding - Online Course

Mastering Silent Guarding with Your Dog: A Comprehensive Online Course by Jany Böhm

What You Will Learn:

  • Example from Championship: Kickstart your journey with real-life insights from championship-level silent guarding, setting the stage for what you and your dog can achieve.

  • Theory Behind the Exercise: Dive into the cognitive and behavioral foundations of silent guarding, understanding why and how dogs excel in this discipline. This module lays the groundwork for effective training strategies, emphasizing the importance of mental stimulation and trust.

  • Eye Contact: Master the nuances of non-verbal communication through eye contact. Learn how to use your gaze to command attention and respect from your dog, establishing a powerful connection that transcends words.

  • Dominant Attitude Practical Part: Discover the role of assertiveness in training your dog for silent guarding. This section provides hands-on techniques to develop a dominant yet respectful relationship with your dog, ensuring your commands are followed with precision and confidence.

  • Final Words from Jany: Conclude your training with personal insights and motivational advice from Jany. This closing segment is designed to inspire and prepare you for continued success beyond the course.