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Our online course is structured to take you and your dog through a progressive journey of learning, understanding, and mastering silent guarding techniques. With Jany’s expert guidance, you will discover the psychological and physical foundations necessary for your dog to learn how to guard your home silently but effectively. The course is divided into comprehensive modules, each focusing on different aspects of silent guarding, from basic obedience as a foundation to advanced guarding strategies that emphasize stealth and discretion.

Course Content

Example from Championship
1. Theory behind the exercise
2. Eye Contact
3. Dominant Attitude Practical Part
4. Final Words from Jany



1 review for Silent Guarding – Mini Course Jany Böhm

  1. Britt S. (verified owner)

    Really clear explanation with good demo’s with his dog.The only critismn would be that when he made his “click noise” as the cue to the dog to offer the bahaviour, it was hard to hear when he did it. I think it would be very helpful for handlers who have not great timing to hear clearly when he asked for the behaviour. Otherwise it was SUPER!!!

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