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Puppy Training

When you are new to the sport you are probably eager to learn everything about dog training. Good news for you! Next to all the training videos with untrained puppies, we also have many videos about how a dog is learning. This will help you solve all the issues not only on the training field but also in your daly life.

Step by Step Program

You have been already in IGP / Schutzhund for a while? You titled a dog or are about to? Then this program will help you! No matter if you want to teach your dog a new exercise or you want to polish one. Everything is explained in an easy to follow way.

Troubleshooting Program

We repeat what we don’t repair! An essential part of any troubleshooting is to identify the problem. Sometimes, a problem is not what it seems. Many behaviors are interconnected into chains and are affecting each other.

Trial Preparation

If you have been at trials then you probably know the struggles that come along with it. In training all the exercises are working like clockwork, but this is not always true for a trial. We show you a way for your dog to perform at a trial like in a training session. Anytime and anywhere!

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