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111 reviews for Full Monthly Membership for only $60 per month

  1. Kelli Hughart (verified owner)

    Great information on shaping and keeping your dog proactive. Also great puppy information as well. I use a few different tools (slip lead instead of a fur saver). Ive had previous dog training and have still found a lot of value thus far.

  2. Francisco Perez (verified owner)

    Tobias is a top of the line teacher and provides fantastic value through his online academy. You will not find anything similar anywhere. Others have tried to do a similar Job but nothing so complete like this and for the amount of money. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning about how to train dogs properly, dog owners and trainers as well. You will find the academy being something you wish would have existed before. Material is very organized and follows a process which makes everything easier. If you don’t learn to train dogs with Tobias you are missing something you wouldn’t want to. Join it today!

  3. Marisa Robledo (verified owner)

    Muy buena aplicación te ayuda en el entrenamiento de tu perro

  4. Ukres Vonder (verified owner)

    Highly recommend whoever love “Box” system or beginner and Tobias love the way you’re fun and real

  5. Jaffar AlSayegh (verified owner)

    The way it shows or displays the videos . Also loved how each skill was taught well and very clear .

  6. Jean Price (verified owner)

    Direct structured training A no nonsense approach I’m very pleased to participate in this extensive program.

  7. Kim Wright (verified owner)

    Iam enjoying this course immensely. It’s very easy to follow and understand. Tobias makes things easily understandable and relatable. My dog and I are have Ling a wonderful time learning, I only wish you were closer Soon could learn from you in person.

    Thank you again
    Kim Wright

  8. Diana Dennis (verified owner)

    I have been in the sport for over a decade, and have handler owner trained to the IPO 3 and FH level. I registered for the free 5 day trial thinking I would see what Tobias had to say, figuring it would be the same information as everyone else. I am blown away! Yes, the theory and training is very similar to other programs. But what sets Tobias apart is the classroom style environment. It literally feels like I am in school again! 100% worth paying $60/month for this program. I looovvveee the step by step instruction and tests at the end of each step to evaluate if your dog is truly ready to move on! Thanks Tobias and team!

  9. Sahib Singh (verified owner)

    Online academy has improved my training skills. I am very much satisfied.

  10. Clare Higgins (verified owner)

    Find online academy very good especially when I work by myself alot. Helps me polish my training for competition and try and perfect my training

  11. TOM BROWN (verified owner)

    A very thorough education poetal that willanswer skme simple and some very complex dog training questions. Not just for IPO but also for the dog training enthusiast and professional.

  12. Tony Robic (verified owner)

    I would recommend the online academy to all dog owners to learn and brush up your skills it has all the topics you need thanks Tobias

  13. Viola Esch (verified owner)

    It works and I think that is the most important thing. You understand exactly why you should do something one way or another and not do this or that.

  14. Janosh Wolters (verified owner)

    I am brand new to IGP and I am finding this guide to be super helpful! I like the amount of detail and own down information without making you feel like you are clueless!

  15. Jari Luoma (verified owner)

    Extraordinary quality content. Clearly, understandable and even humorously delivered. I highly recommend it to IPO enthusiasts on any level.

  16. Marthe Vikenes Spruit (verified owner)

    I like that it is easy to understand and it Works!

  17. Chanhwi Lee (verified owner)

    It was the best video I’ve ever seen. He’s kind and informative. I want to be your disciple.

  18. Moisés Caleb López (verified owner)

    Greetings from Mexico… Wow…. Your material is wonderful… Easy to learn and amazing to practice… I was lucky to find yor Online Academy…

  19. Vinicius r r souza (verified owner)

    The content is perfect, i will renew in 1 month, I bought a Puppy, and he will arrive in 4 weeks. I did the trial and is awesome. I am looking forward to renew and put all the teachings into practice.

  20. JEAN FRANCOIS PILLIAT (verified owner)

    Cela fait un mois que j’applique la méthode Tobias sur un chiot de _ semaines et un chien adulte, c’est tout simplement, génial! Bravo!!!

  21. Sebastian B. (verified owner)

    Super übersichtlicher Aufbau und Anordnung der Videos.
    Ein für mich super stringentes und transparentes Ausbildungskonzept.
    Tobias schafft es durch seine sympathische Art und Weise das ganze in ein stimmiges Ganze zu verpacken.

    Auf jeden Fall für alle Hundesportler zu empfehlen, egal welche Ambitionen man hat.

  22. Josep Rodriguez oller (verified owner)

    I tried many online courses but none like this one. Real training for real results. Amazing foundations and a lot of details in every single behavior or exercise.
    Also, if you start with a Puppy (like me) there is an amazing puppy diary with a daily training that helps a lot to have a guide in the beginning.
    I could not be happier with the course.

  23. Heather Hodges (verified owner)

    I LOVE this program! It has taught me so much about how dogs think and how to respond to them to get the results you want.
    The videos are well organized and so easy to follow and understand.
    And most importantly, IT WORKS!!

  24. David Brunnock (verified owner)

    Excellent course very professional well put together tons of good information for the sport dog enthusiast , great v

  25. Debbie Goodwin (verified owner)

    I love the step by step learning
    I then go and do that step with my dogs

  26. Dane Young (verified owner)

    I like how you explain dog training on such a fundamental level that’s easy to understand. I like the very basics of such simple breakdown step by step of the very complex task of shaping a dog’s behavior. I’m working a ten week old so just starting but it’s really helped. Thanks, Dane.

  27. Garret Fisher (verified owner)

    The academy has been nothing short of amazing. Tobias’s attention to detail and passion for training is evident through out the site. He leaves no stone unturned and the site is the best money I have ever spent on dog training. Thank you!

  28. Laurent Witz (verified owner)

    Every courses are so interesting and most important so clear and efficient. It’s a real pleasure to apply with my 20 month’old Cane Corso!
    Each handler should have a look at Tobias Oleynik’s online academy because no matter your experience you will get better to progress with your dog!
    Thank you mister Tobias!

  29. Joel Arseneault (verified owner)

    Everything is so detailed. The written descriptions help with remembering the cues and the videos are super helpful. Probably the best money spent. Not only are the videos helpful, but sending videos to the group to Anna or Tobias respond is super helpful. Definitely would recommend this to everyone with a sport dog.

  30. Ann-Jo Proos (verified owner)

    I have been follow the Online Academy for a month. The information is very clear as are the videos. They show different dogs how to do the training. Exellent.

  31. Ludger Honkomp (verified owner)

    This Online Dog Training Academy from Tobias is just excellent the way it is set up, very easy to follow, and the way he explains each step by step is just super. I recommend this to all my dog friends around the world. Have fun you all !

  32. Fernando Pérez (verified owner)

    Súper detailed exercises, sense of humor and profesional!

  33. Dr Shri Kanth Kanaesalingam (verified owner)

    It has given me a good understanding on training e.g positive and negative reinforcements .
    It is a superb online training tool and I feel more confident as a handler

  34. Dwayne Holmes (verified owner)

    The online is an excellent online tool and resource for training especially because of the quarantine rules which prohibit training with our normal groups. Tobias has put together a step by step approach that walks you though hundreds of training scenarios combined with video and lecture. I would highly recommend this to beginners as well has experienced handlers that have training gaps or just need a fresh perspective in regards to training or animal behavior. Highly recommened!!

  35. Ron Stokes (verified owner)

    A great resource for anyone training Schutzhund / IGP, regardless of experience level. Expertly designed and structured approach to learning that produces excellent training results.

  36. Jorge Verchili Andreu (verified owner)

    Muy útil y sencilla de usar. Actualizada frecuentemente y muy bien explicados todos los ejercicios. Súper !!

  37. Felix Rosado (verified owner)

    I am really enjoying my experience with the online academy.

    I am learning how to do all kinds of new dog sport obedience. The way it is explained in the videos is excellent. I highly recommend Online academy for any dog owner that wants to increase their dog’s obedience.

  38. Candace Brown (verified owner)

    The Academy is the one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to train their dog from a puppy, all the way through to trialling in dog sport (and anywhere in between!).

    I love the format – it’s laid out in a really easy to follow manner, and you can mark off each lesson as you watch and apply it to your training.

    The best part – the support provided, and the community, make you feel like you are a part of their family. You’re never on your own, regardless of where you are in the world, and there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

  39. Amy Norris (verified owner)

    I absolutely love Online Academy Dog Training by Tobias Oleynik. His theory presentation is easy to understand and the training modules are broken down into small pieces that lead to big successes. The private facebook group is also an added bonus for help and encouragement. Grateful for this program and the relationship it has helped me build with my K9 partner.

  40. Bram Jansen (verified owner)

    It is a verry good way to understand training your dog. You get to learn why to do things or not.

    I would recomend it to poeple who want to train dogs. And realy want to know how to do it step by step.

  41. Sofia Edman (verified owner)

    Easy to understand, inspiring and a high quality online course. I have learned so much, thank you !

  42. Matteo Pio Trotta (verified owner)

    THE BEST WAY for learn IGP from home… expecially during this quarantine period where we are not allowed to go to the training field… We can easly train at home, in the garden or into our own room…I’m experiencing the “article indication”, “the apport”, “heeling”, “sit, down and stand”, ect… All in my garden thanks to the Academy. Step by step Tobias and Anna are teaching me in the clearest possible way, through the Academy, the sport of IGP

  43. Kyle Gillespie (verified owner)

    Tobias and his team have a wealth of knowledge and are all brilliant in their craft of IGP and also understanding the dog.
    I highly recommend the online program, it allows you to use methods that suit your individual dog and progress at your own pace.
    The considerations in the content to use different drives from different breeds to arrive at the same outcome is brilliant, it’s definitely not a one size fits all.

  44. Ros Masterman (verified owner)

    A complete program for those who want to train a dog. Excellent theory classes and a powerful step-by-step program.

  45. Diane Mackintosh (verified owner)

    Absolutely Love the Online Academy course… I’ve been able to apply the tracking information to my Speedy tracking GSD boy!! I have learned so much from the theory section and looking forward to continuing to learn!! The videos are easy to follow and apply… when committed to the program, you can see the progress in your own dog!!

  46. Maria Drangel (verified owner)

    Terrific to watch this videos, helps a lot and gives several new perspectives to what you “think” you already know 🙂
    For me that are training a lot by my self it is a very good tool.
    I was recommended to use this online training by my breeder, which also helps me a lot of course, but the online training videos and also other members videos are very valuable input, escpecially for a “newbe” in IGP

  47. Raymond Van Geesink (verified owner)

    Online training is a great tool to make you a better dogtrainer. It really helps me to understand dogtraining. You can always get the info you need.
    Online school is great dogtraining.

  48. Kordula Juhnke (verified owner)

    Best online training ever! I am using it for almost 4 years now and hope to compete on a high level this year. I like to be able to always go back and find a video for a problem I have in training or just to refresh my memory. I recommend it all the time! Combine this with Anna’s one on one online coaching and you will reach your goals!

  49. Robert Moir (verified owner)

    I like the layout of the program and the fact you can access it anytime also the dogs used are not fully trained and make mistakes.i would and have recommended this to my IGP dog friends
    Monthly price is perhaps a bit expensive for a lot of people

  50. Carlos Damiani (verified owner)

    In the beggining i was not sure how it would be to study online, if it would work, so it took me a while to make up my mind and join the online academy. Well, im really glad i did!!! The website is really helpful, the videos and explanations are pleasant to watch and easy to follow. Plus the FB group is also quite helpful. Tobias, Anna and Lena are always ready to help. Thank you guys for this great opportunity to learn!

  51. robert renaud (verified owner)

    The construction of the site makes it possible to follow and understand the logic behind the system. I really appreciate the troubleshooting part. Finally, I like this site a lot more than seminars because I can occasionally go back to the lessons and update myself. My dog is progressing and your site has a lot to do with it

  52. Katharina Ångström Isacsson (verified owner)

    I easily forget things in training so for me to go back and look many times is very good for me. I have recommended the Academy to many of my friends. I started with dog training at the age of 52 with my second riesenscnauzer, and I did chose the IGP. We have done level 1 so far…..Thank you for sharing all the tips in dogtraining.

  53. MITZ (verified owner)

    This is a an amazing place to learn a step by step approach to training for IGP. If you already have completed a learning process there are also amazing troubleshooting videos to help you succeed. What I really enjoy is the online community where you can get help on your issues. Overall high let recommend it.

  54. Jane (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the online dog training exercises. I started based on a friend’s suggestion and it has been very helpful. As a first time owner of a German Shepard, working line, puppy I really needed the basic lessons. It has been very useful.

  55. Jessica Vampola (verified owner)

    This program is very easy to understand and follow. If you are looking for any type of help with your dog they can help! There is no other program that is so involved with online courses, one on one training, free video Q and A tips, and video conference. I personally watch these videos many times over because there is so much information to learn! The website is very easy to follow and versatile. I absolutely recommend Tobias and his Online Course. The step by step program and/or troubleshooting courses are dynamic and easy to follow. I have used this program for my dogs and others with much success. If I ever have any questions or need help, they are there to help me in with messages and videos to adapt to my dog and learn to communicate with him properly.

  56. Heléne J. (verified owner)

    I liked it a lot! Even if I don’t train exactly like you do , there’s a lot of things I learned that I applied in my own training. It was really fun to look at the videos and to see the improvements if the dogs.

  57. Angie Tennant (verified owner)

    The Online Training Academy is the most complete program that anyone at any level can benefit from. Going through the system from theory, foundation, physio, step by step, troubleshooting to trial prep – removing tools, CMS, stimulus control you can learn to become a better team while creating a confident dog.

  58. Mohd Azman Mohd Ali (verified owner)

    The online training contents provide an excellent resource for beginners and experienced IGP trainers.

  59. Joanne G. (verified owner)

    I truly enjoyed the videos and the learning platform. The lessons were well thought out and I appreciated the extra videos which describe how to solve common issues we might encounter with our dogs.

    I also benefited from a few videos that were performed with an untrained dog. Those were the most beneficial because it showed typical behaviors when you are showing them new things.

    The only issue I have with the learning program is that you only have access to it for a month. For example, with Leerburg Dog University in the US, you have lifetime access to all of the videos you purchase. You can access them anytime. As a Canadian customer, my membership with your program is $85 a month with a yearly purchase of $1020 which makes it not as affordable for me. I also purchased an online program from Mike Ritland – Trikos Team Dogs – which I believe it’s around $100 a year and you receive certification.

    But in all, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the videos, how the training modules were organized, and the diversification of the subject matter. I would definitely give Online Academy Dog Training by Tobias Oleynik a A+.

    P.S. The only subject that I couldn’t find on the platform is how to introduce the dumbbell to your dog and the issues you will encounter. I had to refer to Shutzhund Kevin to get the information I needed.

    In all, I’m so glad I came across your training platform. I learned a lot and your training will make me a better handler.

  60. Brandon (verified owner)

    It has been a great experience for me and my dog. After trying many different training methods, this is by far the clearest understanding of dog training that I have found. From the theory to the demonstration, it is great. I enjoy watching green dogs and seeing how they progress. If only I progressed as fast as you do!

  61. Kari Burt-Davies (verified owner)

    I’m new to your online academy. I love to watch your videos and train my dog in this system even though it’s not always as easy as it looks. The trobleshooting videos are also great.

  62. Jean-Claude Dubuc (verified owner)

    You get a lot of information to succed in Tracking, obedience and protection and thé information is available for Stéphane by Stéphane success

  63. jeany huard (verified owner)

    I started with Tobias several months ago, his logic, his explanations are simple and allow us to work at our own pace. the videos are awesome! I also like the physical preparation side with Anna. you are a great team and thank you for sharing your passion.
    Thank you again

  64. Lisa Feyrer (verified owner)

    I’m really happy to be part of this academy! Easy to understand videos and the best thing is that whenever a problem comes to your mind, you can see how it can be solved or how you can find your own personal time with the step by step program. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, you can benefit from it in any case.

  65. Dom Jo (verified owner)

    The onlinedogtraining is a great tool. I use it since my dog is 5 months and every day of the year
    I train alone and i see fast big progres.
    All the descriptions and video are clear
    Tkank for this help sa

  66. Christina Rist (verified owner)

    I’ve been with you since February and really excited. Only little things that I could improve have already achieved so much. I like to learn virtually through videos much more than in other ways. I’m thrilled with the online academy! Would be great if there were also videos in German… I would definitely recommend you and I already have! Please be healthy all of you!!

  67. Mehdi Abassi (verified owner)

    Just a wonderful courses, a lot of good information for all igp bh-vt dog sport professionals and beginners.
    Keep going

  68. Jessica Lindborg (verified owner)

    I am so happy with my membership in the online academy, there is all the information i need and it’s step by step. The best thing about the online school is the theory part and that i can get my own personal coach. I highly recommend Tobias & Annas online academy 🙂

  69. Dagmar Arzt-Voit (verified owner)

    For me the perfect way to learn with my dog from home.

  70. Rose Hedman (verified owner)

    I like your education a lot!
    It gives me inspiration and helps me to work with solving problems in my own tempo. I can not find this help at home. In this way I can have my lessons in my spare time, perfect! When times come I will take a seminar lesson to!

  71. Poven Kumaresan (verified owner)

    A really good platform for learning and progressing in IGP dog sport. Covers all the areas of my interest. Really working wonders now especially in the time of social isolation. Thank you Tobias.

  72. Jana Gabrysch (verified owner)

    I have a wonder experience with this training program. It made me to rethink to understand

  73. Lisa Richardson (verified owner)

    I love this course.. I love the format. The lessons
    Are easy to follow.. the info is balanced and
    Practical. Tobias you are a great teacher, and fun
    To learn from!

  74. Stephen Romeo (verified owner)

    Great resource whether you are a new handler to the sport or a handler with many years experience! Modern dog training with concise guidance to elevate your communication effectively with your canine teammate! Stephen Romeo

  75. Ching (verified owner)

    First of all, I am a Thai and my English is not so well, but Tobias, Anna, Lena and team make the word and explain step by step super clearly. I cannot believe Online learning for training dog is work, but It WORK really WORK. Also super helpful in FB group. Recommend 5 stars.

  76. Heather (verified owner)

    I would and have recommended this course to several friends. I’m new at IGP and the format and information presented is amazing.

  77. Javier Colon (verified owner)

    Online Academy dog training by Tobias Oleynik is awsome dog training school for any dog owner
    or any dog trainer
    Love the Academy for its price, convenience and ease of use login anytime you like and start training always updated with info and new videos.

  78. Cheryl Chaffey (verified owner)

    I am often time poor due to busy work and training schedules. Online Dog Training byTobias us awesome as I can log on whenever I have some free time and am able to pick up tips and tricks
    Thank you

  79. Luann Hawkins (verified owner)

    I have just started the Out of
    Motion Exercises and am very happy with the level of content.

  80. Bruno DELAGE (verified owner)

    Online Academy is exactly what I searched for a long time. It is magic … Congratulations !!!
    However, trouble shooting could be even more consistant, because this a significant way to come to Academy.
    Of course, I ‘ll recommend around me – but $60 for month is quite expensive. I agree that contents justify it but a lot of dog handlers are not rolling in dough …

  81. Belinda Gerrits (verified owner)

    What I like best about this online school is that it gives you handles for training dogs of all ages and for all sports disciplines and what to do if you experience a problem in your training. This supports with clear explanations and video material so that you can also see it. This is exactly what i need.

  82. Therapon Christoforou (verified owner)

    I dont like short videos. I prefer continuous lectures.

    • Tobias Oleynik

      Hi Chris,

      can you be a little bit more precise?
      We try to show you the entire learning process in one course for one exercise.We split each course in severel lessons. We are just afraid that it will be a load of information, when we put in everything in one big video.

      Please advise us what we can do better?


  83. Beverley Cathren (verified owner)

    The lessons are very clear and concise. I would definitely recommend to friends.

  84. Errol Dharmaratne (verified owner)

    I like the theory a lot

    Very well presented and easy to understand

  85. Valdenir Rezende (verified owner)

    The course is good, it is very easy to understand. O recommend.

  86. Sofia Edman (verified owner)

    I am in chock that a online course can be so good, thank you, super fantastic!

  87. Julio Hernandez

    Tobias has compiled a beautiful program for the training of sport dogs in IGP.
    His online school offers an incredible wealth of knowledge in one easy to follow system.
    As a training helper I encourage all of my folks to subscribe, it enables us to follow a sound program together thus minimizing our club time having to explain everything in detail. Thank you Tobias!

  88. Angie Tennant (verified owner)

    Being a member of Tobias’s Online Academy has helped me with many exercises. Even with being in the sport for 30 years and having success with many dogs there is always room for improvement and learning new skills. Each section provides a clear explanation coupled with video evidence.

    Thank you Tobias and Anna for making these tools available to us. Full power.

  89. Gabriel Schotborgh (verified owner)

    Most complete and organized system around. So easy to follow along with a great support system available. Anyone interested is any type of dog training would benefit from this course. I love it! Thank you topdog team for putting this together.

  90. jeany huard (verified owner)

    I really appreciate the fact that all steps are there, and easily adaptable for each type of dog. the explanations are clear and videos to support the theory! and I also like the physio and fitness part with Anna . thank you both, you are a great team, from Jeany and Claude , Canada

  91. Ludger Honkomp (verified owner)

    Since I have joined the Onlinedogtraining, I have a much more active dog, and it is a lot of fun and very good motivation to go out and train my dog. The online training is very well structured and easy to follow.. I just love it.

  92. Brigitte (verified owner)

    Super online training school! Real training scenarios with no hidden pieces! What you see is what it is; mistakes, problems, solutions and progress! I like it (y)

  93. Nicole Reichert (verified owner)

    A whole new world has opened up for me since I joined the Oniline Academy !
    I have become much more self-confident, which is reflected in the dog-human relationship.
    Finally dog sport is fun !

  94. Virat Ching Reanglikitkul (verified owner)

    I can not believe training dog online is work, but Tobias show me it is really work. Super clearly explain about the facts and results. Studies Step is easy to follow. I will be in your school until my girl passed IPO/IGP

    Best Recommend

  95. Patricia Stuart (verified owner)

    SUPER!!!!! I started in Schutzhund/IPO/IGP in the early 90’s & wish there would have been a planned system like this to follow.
    Step by step training using UNTRAINED DOGS so it allows you to see how the dogs react & progress. Training is fun & clear for the dog to learn & teaches you how to move away from using your helps.
    I love Tobias’s sense of humor & the big guy he works with in protection when problem solving is super fun to watch!!
    Thank you Tobias, Anna & Lena for sharing your knowledge!

  96. Thomas GRUBE (verified owner)

    Best possibility of online support I’ve ever found. The explainations are clear and easy to follow. Looking forward for the next video lessons!!
    Thx Tobias and Team!!!

  97. Omar

    Pro training

  98. Ros Masterman (verified owner)

    Absolutely loving it.

  99. Isabell Heinrich (verified owner)


  100. Witczak Małgorzata (verified owner)


  101. Angelodg

    Sono utente da 8 mesi è i vostri corsi online sono molto interessanti

  102. Cathrine Stenmoe (verified owner)

    Tobias’s training has helped me become National Champion twice and number 5 at WUSV. First time I was introduced to this way of training my dog was already a bit educated. But we had a lot of problems with communication. Tobias helped me to become a better handler and then also the Results came. Now I have a young puppy and it is great to Get ideas, and help at the online academy. This makes my training so much more fun and easy!!

  103. Richard Casallas (verified owner)

    We recently added a puppy to our pack. I wanted to find a program to assist me in raising and developing her for sport. I find the videos and training steps very easy to comprehend and to follow. Not only for my pup but for my 4 year old as well. I had a question about the website and the puppy program. I was very impressed when I received a video chat from Tobias himself. Now that’s impressive! He took time off his busy schedule and assisted me without rushing me. He was present and receptive. I found him to be very patient and knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to many years of fun with my dogs under Tobias’ mentoring.

    Richard from Boston, MA.

  104. Patricia

    I was able to attend a seminar with Tobias Oleynik and found the program very supportive and helpful. Plus really enjoyed the training. Being a monthly member has provided me with great troubleshooting videos, training tips, coaching I couldn’t get elsewhere, and organizational tools to keep on track.

  105. Nina Anton (verified owner)

    Excellent resource to help troubleshoot issues you may be having in training, and a great resource for training all the IPO exercises. I really like that the training steps are shown using dogs that are in the learning process and not finished dogs. Tobias and Anna do a very great job showing what to do in the videos to troubleshoot during the step-by-step learning videos.

  106. D (verified owner)

    The BEST online training I’ve seen & the most organized format.

  107. Tomas Bevilacqua (verified owner)

    This is the most complete program for those who wants to train a dog. With sistematic theory classes and a powerful step-by-step sistem, everyone can master the IGP (IPO) and train a confident dog. I have no regrets for beeing an online student, you can review everything any time and the learning process became natural.

  108. Jessica Lindborg (verified owner)

    The first time i got an isight into Tobias Oleynik’s training system was 2011/2012 and since that i have been completely sold. He is definetly one of the best dogtrainers in the world. I have learned so much about how a dog learns, and how i train my dog step by step, and later on also prepare my dog for competition.
    A comlete training system, and being able to have access to all this by joining Tobias and Anna’s online Academy is the best spend money I’ve ever made.

  109. Camilla Dahlgren (verified owner)

    Just Zuper

  110. Russ Berscht


  111. Sandra Fosmo

    Training is fun when you have one of the best online academy you can learn from. I had never in my mine believed I could train like this and get results 😉

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