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437 reviews for Full Monthly Membership for only 49,95€ per month

  1. Bradon96 (verified owner)

    Information presented well

  2. Kelsie J. (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Will recommend to everyone moving forward. Helped the whole family align and at our own pace. Simple and relatable. I cannot say enough good things.

  3. Nigel White (verified owner)

  4. Mette-Christine H. (verified owner)

    I like the course very much! There is everything you need to know. Ever question i have, i get an answer if i watch a video. I highly recommend it! You won’t regret if you sign up for a mempership:)

  5. Preben-andre R. (verified owner)

    I’ve had dogs all my life and worked alongside them in the military and the police. However this have given me many new tools and alot of new fun with my dog. I love the approach Tobias have with a belief on many ways to Rome.

  6. Kelly R. (verified owner)

    Very easy to understand steps to train behaviors. Nice little troubleshooting section to help with some common problems. Really enjoy the protection step by step section, it really gives you a lot of ways to teach the behaviors in a lower drive without the helper, so that your dog can better understand what is being asked and thus makes your valuable time with the helper more productive!

  7. Andrea G. (verified owner)

    Tobias talks to very calmly. He/staff show you dogs that haven’t done the behavior before and not a little snippet of perfection. He seems to know your next question when he’s explaining… ah yes I was just thinking that! He will talk about what tools you need, shows how and when to do use them too. He will talk about trial prep and how your current training needs to flow for a trial. I’m looking forward to this winter watching, learning and doing!

  8. Stefan Z. (verified owner)

    Hey my name is Stefan im from Macedonia and im a dog trainer i come to this academy to improve my self but i notice immediately that here you me and every single one can learn some new things and have bigger perspective in our work and better understanding for our canines

  9. STEPHANIE A W. (verified owner)

    I have a three month old Doberman girl. I was sifting through so many training videos and methods till I found the academy. It has been a great experience for consistency for me and my pup. I look forward to continuing trough the courses and watch my pup grow, learn and become a sold working dog. I would recomend the academy to anyone looking to excel their training skills.

  10. Arnela H. (verified owner)

    The only thing I DON’T like is my indecisiveness when choosing which one of the many training videos I want to watch next. 🙂 Excellent – both quantity and quality.

  11. Ivan G. (verified owner)

    I have older dog, 3 years. Long time since my last dog, but this got me on track finaly. I heave learned very much about some new new techniques Hoping to learn and be ready for a new dog next year. Tnx

  12. Mike B. (verified owner)

    This is very good for people who want to learn the IGP program especially for people who are starting and for novice trainer. Everything is good explained. They did put a lot of work in the guide/course where you see the result. Very good work!

  13. Kimberly O. (verified owner)

    Great online course. You find so many videos with different dogs and handlers. Everything you have to know about IGP sports, but also basics for everyday. A litte physio course is includet, that shows how to keep your dog fit and teach motor skills.

  14. Karin L. (verified owner)

    I would certainly recommend this course to people with some experience in need of clearing up the ideas, fix some issues.
    I would even recommend to bigginers who don´t want to go personally to train somewhere or who don´t have any possibility. Even if for biginners the best would be to find the time, place and the right person to train with and complete with this course. I am not a biginner, I am not a pro either, but I have years of experience with dog training from different countries. Anyway there are a few things new to me (ex.a ¨proactive dog¨- I like that very much, introducing that right now).
    The way how the course is structured is very good.
    I like the idea of a combination of positive and negative reinforcement. Very efficient.
    Try yourself!

  15. Kristina T. (verified owner)

    Easy to navigate and understand. Helpful and quick customer support. Emails with videos are motivating to keep training and keeping you engaged.
    Thank you

  16. Mirka S. (verified owner)

    I really appreciate how Tobias simply but very well describes the problem as well as its solution. That’s understandable and what’s even better is that it works. Sometimes I think that he knows exactly what problem I have with the dog. I hesitated whether to continue with the online membership, but I believe that going for it is a good decision. I look forward to further new knowledge and ideas.

  17. Jorge M.

    The best thing is the way Anna and Tobi explain how to build the excercises within the 3 routines. They show you what can go wrong as well so that you can see the reality by your self. The step by step programme is such a great guide to build your dog avoiding risk and unespected mistakes. They teach you different ways of building the exercises depending on what is your dog like. I feel very confortable training my dogs supported by this programme!!

  18. Olga C. (verified owner)

    I tried some courses for troubleshooting with my dog. She is my first sport dog, so I made many mistakes. Now it’s time to fix them . I definitely will start step by step courses with my next puppy.
    Thank you

  19. Yerko A. (verified owner)

    Step by step explanations easy to follow and the communication and examples are very clear.
    There are explanations how to use the platform and the steps that you need to follow in case to combine multiple exercises from other courses..

  20. Kim M. (verified owner)

    SUPERB! Structured learning, comprehensive resources and gracious attitude of Tobias & Anna. Now that my free 5-day trial has ended, I will subscribe!

  21. Sandra K. (verified owner)

    I like the explanations on the board, the associations who stay impressed in the mind (like the annoing bell in the car :)). And the practice videos, very helpfull.

  22. Joanna J. (verified owner)

    It is easy and pleasand to navigate the website. Fully professional training materials. I would definitely recommend to beginners as well as advanced guides and competitors.

  23. Tracey M. (verified owner)

    Explanations are made easy and love the realness of the videos, it shows real live videos, no pretence or edited versions. Learning so much- love the programme.

  24. Paul W. (verified owner)

    I’ve signed up because i want to train from puppy basics hopefully through to IPG. This academy allows me to do this at my own pace. The lessons are full of content and easy to follow. If you’re in two minds give the 5 day trail a go . I thoroughly recommend Tobias and his team.

  25. Diana S. (verified owner)

    Excellent videos with easy to understand techniques. Great on field sessions demonstrated using a variety of dogs at different levels. Videos are very positive and uplifting and make the user want to train harder. Thanks for the amazing experience.

  26. Matt P. (verified owner)

    Tobias and his team have put together a very informative training package, that will help you fulfill your training goals and improve your relationship with your dog.

    I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their dog training skills.

    Well done guys.

  27. Gary T. (verified owner)

    Really loving it so helpful and the mox of intro written notes and video’s give great insight

    Would be useful to advise on when in a puppy journey you would start different activities

  28. Oliver B. (verified owner)

    I highly recommend the academy. World class coaching. I would be completely lost without the guidance of Tobias and Anna. I was very overwhelmed having my first working line GSD and being a new comer in the sport. It’s great to be taken through the puppy training in easy to
    understand steps. Have recommended to everyone at my club. Thanks again

  29. Robin P. (verified owner)

    Ich werde diese Acadamy definitiv weiterempfehlen. Ich habe in kürzester Zeit unglaublich viel gelernt und konnte die letzten Kleinigkeiten im Training perfektionieren.
    Diese Kurse sind Gold wert ! Ein sehr gute Trainer mit hervorragender Erfahrung und Philosophie!

  30. Esther G. (verified owner)

    Clear explanation, including clear videos, nice to see that something goes wrong with both Tobias and Anna, how they deal with it, it makes your mindset calm and relaxed
    And that is good!
    No matter how long you’ve been in dog sports, you’re never active long enough to learn, think differently, it makes you fresh in the mind


  31. Giuseppe D. (verified owner)

    I just started taking the courses of the academy and I must say that they are really interesting. I believe that I can learn many notions that will help me perfect the training and the relationship with my dog.

  32. Riana E. (verified owner)

    The whole setup of the academy is brilliant and all the learning and knowledge…Brilliant.

    If you are a beginner, there is a lot to learn and also video’s to look at.

  33. Jane T. (verified owner)

    A well structured and comprehensive learning system to take your dog at any stage, regardless of whether it’s a puppy or more mature dog, through a comprehensive training programme. Tobias offers a variety of training styles , to cater for your preferred learning style from theoretical learning to show and tell and he also uses dogs of different ages and abilities to demonstrate the specific task at hand…
    And the great thing is, you can revisit it at any time if it doesn’t sink in first time round!!!

  34. Gasper P. (verified owner)

    I like it a lot it is full of very good training examples. I have my staffordshire terier already in dog school but I want to upgrade our trainings so we can go to ipo competitions.
    I would reccomend it to everybody who want to make good trainings with dog.

  35. Gasper P. (verified owner)

    I like it a lot it is full of very good training examples. I have my staffordshire terier already in dog school but I want to upgrade our trainings so we can go to ipo competitions.
    I would reccomend it to everybody who want to make good trainings with dog.

  36. Andrew W. (verified owner)

    The simplicity of the delivery is wonderful for the complex topic.
    I feel I’ve made more progress in a few days of utilising Tobias’s training techniques than any other methods.
    The main thing is though my Dog is showing more signs of happiness and hunger to push more to work

  37. Lorna B. (verified owner)

    Really good course for anyone that wants to learn IGP and also general obedience. Real dog training! Non of this ‘feed them treats BS’ straight up to the point. Would 100% recommend!

  38. Francesco V. (verified owner)

    This is the best and so far the most complete Academy I’ve ever found online. You can learn through a detailed step by step process of learning. Nothing is left behind. I really want to thanks Anna, Tobias and Pawlow (of course) for the priceless content they are sharing with us. I’m the owner of a male Belgian Malinois and I live in Italy. I suggest this Academy to all of you. No matter you just welcomes a new puppy or you have a older dog. Beginner or Pro, you’ll find great content inside.

  39. Michelle S. (verified owner)

    I would verry recommend the membership. It helpt me a lot white my dog. I i’m nog doing igp for a long time and finding information is hard. But white the membership it is easy

  40. Carol W.

    I really enjoyed the seminar. Tobias is very dynamic and creative. He takes difficult training concepts and breaks them down to the basics. His methodology can be understood and applied by a novice to an expert. I came away from the seminar encouraged and ready to apply the techniques Tobias taught. I highly recommend him.

  41. Sophie D. (verified owner)

    Very interesting approach to training which stimulates even my very high drive dog to think. A lot of exercises and ideas for getting my dog into a learning state of mind. It really is changing my way of training for the better.

  42. Jorge M. (verified owner)

    Great explanations of how to build up the different exercises. Quick videos showing how to build them up. I would recommend the academy to all my friends who are practising IGP at this momment, no matter the system they use.

  43. Mary A. (verified owner)

    Hi! I just started with theory course and I liked it very much! Many things seem evident but still lots of people do not understand it and continue to make same mistakes. Everything is very useful and simple to understand (even if English is not your native language). Maybe only moment is not clear for me – lesson about helping tools. I use fursafer (chain collar) and other helping tools for training and flat collar but sometimes also helping tool for a walk. So what is the best way to keep my dog motivated and obedient no matter of place and any helping tools?

  44. Chantell B. (verified owner)

    The videos are short and concise. Exactly what i need as i am very new to the sport. I can watch the videos again and again and try and implement what i see with my 5 month old gsd puppy. Thank you so much

  45. Jeff L. (verified owner)

    This is the best IPO training course I have ever seen. There are a lot of useful information, and all the videos is well presented and very detailed. Tons of knowledge. Highly recommended to everyone!!!

  46. Brian B. (verified owner)

    Videos are very helpful and would also recommend the 1 on 1 training sessions via video. Response time for questions has been prompt and appropriate.

  47. Angel Y. (verified owner)

    I like how clear the instructions are in the video, which makes learning a bit easier. I have met a few other IGP trainers who use this system and love it, so I decided to give it a try. Very pleased with the purchase.

  48. Robert B. (verified owner)

    I found this online academy very professional as although I am a dog trainer sometimes we also need some guidance.

    In this website there is a lot of information that is explained by several videos and if you have a missing link there are a click away from us.

  49. Leah F. (verified owner)

    I like how straight to the point the videos are. Not too much “fluff” so you can get right to it. Easy to follow and understand. Everything is laid out in the appropriate stages.

  50. Lisa A. (verified owner)

    Very easy to follow online training. Having had a difficult time with the retrieve in the past I am finding the videos/tutorials very helpful and inspiring.
    I even laughed out load at some of Toby’s jokes

  51. Savannah F. (verified owner)

    I’m really loving this online academy. I train professionally for pet dogs, but wanted to further educate myself with competition level obedience and more. This online academy is giving me everything I’ve been hoping for and was recommended to me by some VERY successful trainers/handlers/competitors. Can’t wait to see what I accomplish because of this academy!

  52. Sander H. (verified owner)

    I recently signed up for the 5 days free trial. After spending some time in the online academy, I will highly recommend this program. Also live streams, easy to understand,easy to find content☺️

    Looking forward to use this a lots

  53. Crystel M. (verified owner)

    Two way interaction communication is the best with videos of client dogs a second favorite

    Yes to other struggling with lacking consistency of a training program

  54. Paul D. (verified owner)

    excellent site and concept, the videos are real first class qualities and the explanations and guidances are clear ,detailed and down to earth -thank you

  55. Sarah B. (verified owner)

    Im just beginning and it is working well with my new puppy. Love the fact bonus videos covers the puppies daily lives within and outside the home and the extra videos ie how to reward and how to deal with behaviour, how to introduce different types of other dogs outside rather than just training. Think this sets this training program superior to other online ones. Very happy with the course. Step by step and videos are short but very formative with actual footage of it being done with puppies and older dogs. In the uk at the moment money is rather tight and affording the monthly fee at times is going to be difficult but well worth the outcome if the course continues positively but I am very happy so far and don’t doubt finishing with a obedient working dog.

  56. Barb (verified owner)

    Just joined and I am blown away by the content. It is in an easy to follow way. The zoom calls with the students are wonderful, a wealth of knowledge shared. I am so excited to see where this leads us.

  57. Lorie J. (verified owner)

    Enjoy learning new methods and acquiring new tools for the tool box. Lessons are broken down to specific skills with excellent videos anyone can follow. IPO is not my sport but lots of information to be used for various venues.

  58. Renniel Glenn F. (verified owner)

    Honestly, I like all. But the best for me is the step by step PUPPY PROGRAM. Which is now I start applying. I believed that all Trained Dogs start at young age by proper handling and training.

    Highly recommended this ONLINE ACADEMY for all aspiring Dog Trainers. I want to learn more from you that’s why I will continue my account.

  59. Karen S.

    I think the online academy is a great platform especially for those of us who can’t be there in person. I think Tobias breaks down advanced detection skills in easy to understand steps and his program is obviously a result of thousands of hours of training and working with all types of dogs.

  60. Cameron C. (verified owner)

    I bought this to help us with our BH preparation and once I saw all the resources, I knew I’d keep it. An amazing deal for what you get! So many videos and step by steps to help!

  61. Ance B. (verified owner)

    I have been able to understand more about dog behaviour which has allowed me to train/handle my pupy more efficiently. Thank you, thank you a hundred times for your videos.

  62. Elizabeth M. (verified owner)

    I’m loving how organized this training program is, it’s so easy to get lost and overwhelmed with online courses. So far, I’m really enjoying the content and practically using it in my training.

  63. Carina S. (verified owner)

    I have just joined the online academy, but I really like it! The videos is good and the theory is well explained!
    I would recommend it to other dog owners – both people who just want to learn the basic or peoples who want to train seriously and maybe compete

  64. Brian D. (verified owner)

    The website is very well structured with tonnes of content. The tutorials & videos are clear, concise, and very informative. This academy is exactly what I’m looking for as a novice dog handler.

  65. Jacques R.

    I love it! The lessons are well explained, easy to do and logical, with troubleshooting answers in case the dog does something unexpected. The English spoken is easy to understand and articulate. What else could you expect? Maybe some subtitles would be perfect for those who don’t understand English well (?), but for me, it’s not necessary.

  66. Ratnawati A. (verified owner)

    I love all your videos. It help me alot. I paid for dog trainer in Indonesia but I found some problem durung my training session. I found much solution from your videos. Super LOVE it..

  67. Heru H. (verified owner)

    I am a beginner in dog training but every lesson is deliver step by step and very clear, i’m grateful to enter this course because i can learn so much from Tobias and Anna.

  68. Anna M. (verified owner)

    I love it! Obedience training with my 18 month old Goldador. The explanations are clear and the videos help a lot. Very well structured website. We are in Montreal, Canada. I recommend the online courses! Thank you Tobias ❤️

  69. Julia J. (verified owner)

    Die Videos sind super, die Erklärungen leicht verständlich und absolut logisch aufgebaut. Es macht Spaß die Übungen mit meinen Hunden zu versuchen und auch zu sehen wie schnell manche Sachen, dank der einfachen Erklärungen, doch funktionieren können.

  70. Michael B. (verified owner)

    One of the best step by step programs available. I’ve been training for a number of years now, but am fairly new to the sport world. Where I’m at, there are a few clubs, but not a lot of instruction. As a NePoPo® Instructor/trainer, I appreciate well planned systems. Tobias’ program has given me the coaching in sport that I’ve been needing for a while!

  71. Gavin Buck (verified owner)

    The academy is an excellent way of learning to train your dog. Very professional in every way and Tobias’s way of teaching is by far the best I have seen and heard. Straight forward and to the point with some very good examples. Step by step approach from beginner to world competitor. For me, it’s the best on the market. Looking forward to training my new pup and also changing a few things with my current dogs. Keep up the good work Gavin Buck

  72. Elisabeth S. (verified owner)

    The lessons are very clear and comprehensive. One can either follow a structured course or choose particular topics of interest. I find videos of dogs learning different stages of IGP with a very clear explanation and also the separate troubleshooting section very helpful.

  73. Jeanine C. (verified owner)

    You provide a remarkable scope of videos, so that it is really possible to train a dog step by step. Very appreciated are also the lessons about foundation exercises and physical exercises. All topics are well explained and very helpful are the videos with dogs that show, how to put the theory into practice. A pity that I didn’t start the Academy when my dog was a puppy.

  74. Magdalena M. (verified owner)

    Amazing content, very well detailed and easy to follow. If you follow the videos little bit every day you will see results very quickly. Would recommend to anyone who is just starting or looking to broaden their knowledge.

  75. Jeton M. (verified owner)

    J’adore ces cours en ligne. Il y a un suivi étapes par étapes et il y a toujours de nouvelles vidéos. Je recommande que ce soit pour débutant ou expérimenté.

  76. Ulrike S. (verified owner)

    Das Welpentraining ist sehr detailliert beschrieben und gut umzusetzen.
    Der Aufbau für die Unterordnung finde ich sehr gut…
    …hat mir sehr geholfen.

  77. Nicklas L. (verified owner)

    This program is based on proven theory and works well for working dogs. Some informations is basic and good for beginners. But there is something interesting in every part even for the other levels of training as well.

    As for me as a trainer for more than 30 years. I did find a lot of interesting parts, and also some new very interesting parts as well.

    The program is well performed and it has a good performance level.

    As you can see I do recommend this program for beginners as a good start, but also for more advanced to level up your results. 🙂

  78. Chris F. (verified owner)

    The lessons are very clear , easy to understand, and relevant. I am seeing improvement already . This site is excellent and well worth joining.I would highly recommend it for anyone wishing to compete in dog sport successfully.

  79. SHELLEY S. (verified owner)

    I already have BH so the Step by Step will be a great help for me. I very much appreciate how the site and content is laid out in a logical manner and instructions on how I should proceed. This course was suggested to me by my training mentor who also uses the online training – but at a much higher level. It has been beneficial for us to train in a similar way and be able to reference content. Many thanks!

  80. paul kavanagh

    I have been attending/participating in training seminars with Tobias for quite a while now. He is such a natural teacher, that he seamlessly is teaching not only the dog but the handler at the same time. The skills that I have learned and continue to learn from him are invaluable. In class I feel he has super human eye sight sometimes as he is watching the dogs behavior and the handlers at the same time, I don’t think he misses a thing. The mood is always upbeat and energetic, I look forward to them. Praise is given above and beyond. Feedback is timely and positive. If there is a mess up, it is acknowledged and a different approach is presented to avoid the situation going forward. Some days he has specific exercises for different dogs and before starting he thoroughly explains the exercise and the theory behind it. During and after these interactions he is pointing out key successes and ways to modify the exercise if the dog is uninterested or struggling. Respect is shown to all, he truly is setting people and dogs up to succeed. For that I am very thankful and glad to participate in this very important seminars. Tobias you are a dog/person trainer “Rock Star.” full power
    Thank you for your guidance and sharing your gift. The old phrase “a teacher is born not made” is how best to describe Tobias. Already looking forward to the next seminar in Ireland.

  81. Paul C. (verified owner)

    As a retired professional handler with over 30 years experience, I was lucky to meet Tobias at a seminar recently. After two days of training with him the difference in my dog was unbelievable, Tobias is able to explain dog training in simple terms that anyone can understand and implement. The knowledge that I had gained is second to none, so that after the seminar I immediately signed up for another seminar with Tobias. If only I had met him earlier in my career my service dogs would have been able to operate at a higher level and I would have been a better handler.

  82. Davy V. (verified owner)

    If you are looking for guidance from A to Z, then you have come to the right place. Super friendly and always ready to help where needed.

  83. EMILIO V. (verified owner)

    I have only seen part of the theoretical classes, but combined with the videos I have liked them a lot
    I will of course recommend the Online Academy to my clubmates and friends

  84. Jigna I S. (verified owner)

    I like how things are explained. Even a beginner like me will be able to understand nicely.and I would surely recommend this online training to my friends who are having dogs or are planning to get dogs.so that we ourselves will have a good idea about how to raise train our furry friend

  85. Angelina U. (verified owner)

    It’s so easy to understand and it’s beyond supportive if new handlers! So many resources to learn from! Lovely step by step tutorial and just breaks everything down to easily understand!

  86. Robbie Owens

    Having had the privilege of having Tobi here in Ireland on a number of occasions his professionalism ,attitude ,and appetite to improve every handler and dog is incredible.He does things with dogs you simply have to see to believe.All done in a simple straightforward way so the handler and more importantly the dog has a clear picture of what he is required to do.It has been a pleasure to train with him and if you have the appetite the sky really is the limit!!

  87. Rory R. (verified owner)

    I like the way yous explain everything very well and go into the small details of training, excellent training programs and would recommend it to people at all levels of training in the dog world

  88. Kaylene N. (verified owner)

    I have been watching the heeling classes and have really appreciated that both the good and bad with their demo dog was shown. This has given me ideas on how to work through issues with my own dogs. This subscription has been the best purchases I have made in comparison to the other subscriptions and videos I have.

  89. Dylan T. (verified owner)

    I have really been enjoying this program and getting to train my own puppy. The program is set up well in different sections easy to follow and understand.

  90. Frank A. (verified owner)

    As a long time Schutzhund trainer who took a break, the videos have been extremely helpful with me remembering the details and the process. Not only that, but as Tobias has said in his series, training techniques evolve over time for the better and as a trainer, it pays to stay on top of the information. Not only for your benefit, but for the dogs benefit as well.

    I couldn’t be more pleased with the curriculum, and personally believe that it is money worth spent.

  91. Ricardo A. (verified owner)

    The visual examples along with the information shared are excellent. I am new to IGP sport, this course will save me allot of time in order for myself and my dog to suceed as a unit.

    I would reccomend this course to inexperienced handlers as valuable practical detail is shared, detail that will be reall difficult to attain in a competitive environment as people in general want to be and stay ahead. Thus sharing to this level is not easy to come by…

  92. Jorge F. (verified owner)

    Its great having the step by step format so I always know what and how much to do in order to get the results I want!
    Great and easy to understand!

  93. Anna M. (verified owner)

    I love the thorough step-by-step courses for obedience, tracking and protection work! If questions pop up during the course you can always ask them in the private FB group. Tobias and Anna are very educational and have a Great knowledge about dogs!

  94. Ann-Christin S. (verified owner)

    Highly recommended especially for Igp entusiast but also for those training in other dogsports. Easy to understand classes with step by step instructions and also trouble shooting.

  95. Eva S. (verified owner)

    Veldig bra video forklaringer og inspirerer til mer trening, veldig god hjelp siden jeg bor langt fra trenings miljøer må reise 6 timer for å komme til etablerte treningsgrupper med tyngde på IGP

  96. Sunil F. (verified owner)

    Maybe the only course online that covers the steps to training your dog to a high level in the disciplines of IGP.

    And more so, taught incredibly well with great support too. Highly recommend it.

  97. Bobby C. (verified owner)

    This platform offers excellent and indepth content. I’ve learned so much already and I’ve only spent about an hour watching the content provided. Heres to becoming a better helper.

  98. Randy C. (verified owner)

    I’ve been training for a long time but the intro lessons are an excellent reminder of the important basics such as waiting 5 seconds before moving forward. Looking forward to the step by step lessons.

  99. MARIO I. (verified owner)

    The academy course is clear and precise, I am telling to my friends in Colombia who love IGP , how important is to follow the academy course . Thanks

  100. KAUSHIK B. (verified owner)

    Still not started, so cannot comment much of my thought.But the videos are so much clear that I dont have any questions after learning it.Thank you. Regards,
    Kaushik Bhagat.

  101. Rui F. (verified owner)

    Great content easily accessible and a nice troubleshooting section. The free trial is a huge plus.
    Would be cool to have more content for the BH exam.

  102. Nigel W. (verified owner)

    I had been thinking about joining the online academy for a while. I’m really glad I did, I should have joined sooner. I’m finding everything about it very engrossing. The structure of the different courses, the training methods, the videos etc. Tobias has a great way of explaining things and breaking exercises down into logical steps. Like everything online, you get what you pay for and this is definitely worth the money.

  103. Marcus S. (verified owner)

    Sehr gute, leicht nachvollziehbare Übungen. Gut verständlich erklärt. Kleinteilige Lektionen mit Beispielen aus der Praxis. Das beste, was ich bislang onlune gesehen habe.

  104. Jonathon D. (verified owner)

    What I like best about the academy is the comprehensive step by step guidance it provides. It does not only include perfect dogs with perfect behaviours but you get to see the mistakes made and how to fix the problems as they occur. I also want to add that the system used works .

  105. Pål L. (verified owner)

    The online academy has a lot of great instruction videos showing everything from beginning to advanced troubleshooting. My reason for joining was to check out the troubleshooting with too much speed when tracking – can’t wait to try out (snow on the ground) the way Tobias shows in his video’s.

  106. Catherine W. (verified owner)

    Will definitely recommend the Academy to all new club members. They are always asking for a website that gives them general as well as specific information on the sport.

    Also, each lesson is presented in a very easy to understand format. The website itself is super easy to navigate. Very easy to find whatever you need help on.

  107. Joanne G. (verified owner)

    This is the second time I subscribe with Tobias Oleynik Online Academy training. Unfortunately, I had to pull out of the program due to unforeseen financial complications, but as soon I was “back on my feet”, I immediately rejoined.

    The site is packed full of information, exhaustive, and unquestionably well organized. The platform offers loads of diverse ways to train your dog and tackles many training dilemmas with real solutions. All lessons are presented in a clear, logical, step-by-step video presentations, sometimes with accompanying text and often ends with short “quizzes” to help the learner evaluate whether or not the team is ready to move on to the next phase of training.

    All lessons include a troubleshooting section with seasoned or untrained dogs and regularly with actual handlers learning along with you. The site begins with foundation courses with puppy courses that include 75 lessons and then progresses to supplementary foundation courses such as Theory, the Proactive Dog, Basic Obedience, and Shaping, Motor Skills & Tools.

    Next, there’s a step by step section that includes Tracking, Obedience and Protection. Afterwards, there’s a troubleshooting section with plenty of solutions.

    Followed by a Trial Preparation section and a Diary of our Dogs, then subsequently a Physio section and finally rules of IGP and Zoom Life Events all compartmentalized into uncomplicated and straightforward segments.

    Tobias Oleynik Online Academy is the most comprehensive, thorough, user friendly and is the ultimate learning platform in IGP sport on the market right now. Tobias Oleynik Online Academy training will not disappoint.

  108. Barbara S. (verified owner)

    The videos are easy to understand, even for Beginners. Very nice team, who is explaining every little detail!

    The texts under the videos are great for understanding whats happening in the films.

  109. Wendy D. (verified owner)

    I joined the academy recently and have been watching videos at every opportunity! I have a young working line GSD and have watched all the theory and foundation videos and am now making my way through the puppy training.
    To say I am happy I have found Tobias and Anna’s academy is an understatement! It is so easy to follow and understand, incredibly well presented and professional and I’m learning so much everyday.
    I can honestly say that with the exceptional knowledge that I am now able to access I am truly excited for the future with my pup.
    This superb content is suitable for every dog owner from pet to competitive.
    I’m loving it. Thanks Tobias and Anna and also to the trainer who recommended the academy to me

  110. Svenja T. (verified owner)

    I started the puppy program and already learned a lot. I would consider myself experienced, but I still take great value from learning about the theoretical background of the training method.
    The videos are easy to understand and straight forward – I am looking forward to learning more!

  111. Ricardo G. (verified owner)

    It’s incredible. I’ve bought a puppy ad I a learning a lot how I have to teach my puppy. This web was recomended by a friend of mine because she was doing this course. I like IGP and I will work a lot following these courses to learn.I love it.

  112. Aravind T. (verified owner)

    There are several things that are wonderful. 1) There’s a foundation/theory upfront that gets you ready with the basics before moving to the field. 2) The videos are shot, precise and well-made, so it never allows the attention to drop. 3) The training videos are of dogs that are actually going up the learning curve. And it’s not excercise being demonstrated by trained dogs. So we come to realise what to expect. 4) There’s flexibility in approach, which can allow participants to structure the training as per their approach – go step–by-step or use troubleshooting to tackle specific issues. So regardless of whether the participant is a newbie or a seasoned hand, there’s something of value for everyone.

  113. Hunter H. (verified owner)

    Best online training course I have ever taken. A lot of courses give you Information but never show you the process of actually teaching the dog. This one does from start to finish.

  114. RONALDO Augusto Almeida D. (verified owner)

    The course is very organized! I did not buy it because another course of greater interest to me came up. But I intend to acquire this course later Tk!

  115. Thevindran T. (verified owner)

    very structured training and one of the best trainings that Ive experienced….Great Job Anna and Tobias.
    Would recommend this to anyone that wants to do dog training.

  116. Jeffery J. (verified owner)

    Very thorough instruction and very specific! Stays on topic which helps tremendously. I also like being able to go back and revisit an area that requires some review.

  117. DAN Lucian G. (verified owner)

    I I have just applied for a course from Tobias Oleynik. Honestly I can tell you is fantastic as Tobias is explaining everything in a simple but very straightforward way about canine world. Videos as very easy to follow and the material is outstanding. I will advise all my family and friends to take up this online course if they really want a professional and tailored approach.

    Thanks very much Tobias and hope I will meet you soon with my GSD puppy

  118. Viviana I. (verified owner)

    Great IGP training information, well structured with clear steps on how to play and work your dog. What attracted me to this program was the troubleshooting section and I’m now watching all the videos.

  119. Hans Jürgen B. (verified owner)

    I have two dogs, for both i found ways to teach them further. The Video material ist excellent. My older dog ist 31\2 years old and should perform at lg fci Next year.
    I think i can implain many Features of Your trainingsystem Into mine

  120. Loukas Z. (verified owner)

    The Academy is very good but is a little bit expensive!
    I personally believe that the academy is giving value, still 60 dollars is a bill!
    I woyld recoment 40 dollars fro the 1st year and 20 dollars for the second year.

  121. Marco D. (verified owner)

    very interesting and complete up to this point .. a top course.
    I am very aware of the method and the simplicity in the operating instructions.
    the work philosophy is very clear and reproducible.
    the English language is also very well spoken and easy to understand

  122. Massimiliano G. (verified owner)

    salve, soltanto una cosa manca per essere per me eccellente… dovrebbe essere tradotta in italiano, aumenteresti molto di piu gli allievi in Italia. ciao

  123. Antonio Moraga (verified owner)

    Un curso muy claro, directo y bien estructurado. Mastica los conceptos de forma que cualquier persona pueda entenderlos de forma fácil e incluso divertida. Satisfecho de haber entrado en esta comunidad. Creo que va a ser de gran utilidad para ayudarme a enfocar mejor los pasos del camino hacia la competición. Un fuerte abrazo!

  124. Andrea P. (verified owner)

    so clear and well done. easy but complete. no “difficult” words. ………………………….. very very good and. Description and videos excellent

  125. Jake C. (verified owner)

    What I like best about the academy? Thats hard to say because there are so many good attributes, but two really stand out. 1. The content is very clear and precise, and 2. the website is clear and easy to navigate. I would recommend this to anyone that wants easy at home, at your own pace learning.

  126. Harry H. (verified owner)

    Fantastic site, each lesson of each course is broken down into an easy to understand system. Each lesson contains valuable information without losing attention of the viewer and makes it easy to rewatch. Tobias and Anna have provided an amazing service with their personalities and experience making the whole course a great experience! Sleep up the excellent work guys!

  127. Kylie W. (verified owner)

    While I’m fairly new to the academy, I really enjoy the very simple, black and white instructional videos and how clear Tobias explains and demonstrates new skills!

  128. Maki T. (verified owner)

    I was recommended by a friend about this course and it is very detailed with lots of short videos with written instructions, easy to understand. If you have questions you can get answers within 24hrs. I am satisfied with this course.

  129. Dimitrios K. (verified owner)

    I am at the theory level at the moment. And since I have red quite a lot about dog training I am familiar with quite a few of the topics covered. However, It is the first time that I see them presented in a clear, easy to understand and comprehensive way. On top of that, when I had a question, Tobias replied to my e mail and answered my question. So I would say that I am very satisfied and the academy is very professional. On top of that I would like to mention the following: The fact that payment is monthly is not only practical, it is a serious indication that the work done is honest and professional. Dog training takes time and support from experts is necessary. You cannot have that by buying just a book, a set of videos, or a package online course. If I am given the chance in the future, I will write another review as I progress with my dogs. Until then, well done to Tobias and his team for their work.

  130. Christel V. (verified owner)

    I needed help for the IGP programme. It was new to me and it was lockdown time. So i was looking for help online. I found this academy thank god! Everything is soclear and for everything there is a solution. I work positive with my dogs, and this online school gave me another way of positive training witch i realy like and understand.
    Thank you all.

  131. Gaby H. (verified owner)

    Great demos, very detailed explanations, you can’t go wrong with Tobias’ courses! I have not seen anything more comprehensive and well thought-out than this in the dog training world. Would absolutely recommend to anyone interested in Schutzhund sport. I especially like that Tobias includes little bits and pieces you can use when it is not a full training session you are going for but just some FUN! Some great ideas in the material!

  132. Ben W. (verified owner)

    I have used many online dog training academies and have found Tobias’ the best out of them all. It’s helped me to devise a plan and structure to my dog training. Tobias has made it easy to follow, easy to monitor where you are up to with the content. I will be sticking with this and would definitely recommend.

  133. Chris B. (verified owner)

    Well laid out plan, instructive.

  134. Adam J. (verified owner)

    By far the most extensive online dog training tutorial I’ve found. It’s exactly what I was searching for, a step by step guide on all aspects of IGP. Thank you, Tobias!

  135. Martin D. (verified owner)

    I´we learned and see the foundations in a new wiew, I love your non filter enthusiasm, since i working fulltime i felt the need for some more theory,, and feel that sofar it´s a good start with this online education.
    Also I have a good feeling about the 100% reinforsment philosophy

  136. John C. (verified owner)

    Videos are very informative and broken down into very simple steps that are very easy to follow, definetly would recommend the academy to other people pet and working world

  137. Charlotte W. (verified owner)

    Amazing. I started with the 5 day free trial and couldn’t get enough. In 1 week my pup had made the most progress he’s ever made. Highly recommend, it’s made a huge difference to our training

  138. Roger H. (verified owner)

    The feeling of a one to one environment – even if its online. It feels like Tobias is talking to me, and what he says helps me in my learning process.

  139. Darryl C. (verified owner)

    I have a 12 week old GSD puppy, and the foundation and step by step information is invaluable.
    Great for newbies or someone that wants to change their approach.

  140. Navin I. (verified owner)

    Before doing any training, the attitude is the most significant for me. The Academy provides the right attitude of the trainer and his dog. It helps a lot to improve the ability of the dog day by day.

  141. Øyvind A. (verified owner)

    Been here for a week! Great information, really good videos with a lot of tips for training. I also Enjoy all the step by step info and a great Puppy section! Keep up your great work!

  142. Ian T. (verified owner)

    I have only been with the academy a very short time but it is so far very user friendly, their training system is something more people including myself should be using, It is a clear path for both you and your dog to be successful in.

  143. Pascale F. (verified owner)

    I just enrolled and I love it so far, I wish I have a puppy to start the right way from the beginning, but I think with the help of Tobias and Anna I would greatly get the better of my dog. Video are so well done and explanation very clear with easy to follow steps.

  144. Ines M. (verified owner)

    Excellent outcome for what you pay. I’ve only started and I’ve learned so much so far, which is incredible. The videos are incredibly informative, Tobias puts so much effort into each one of them and the content of the lessons is incredibly lay down.

  145. Connie C. (verified owner)

    I like the logical stepped approach to presenting the training modules. Each clip is well explained and the short quizzes are helpful as well. I’m still at the beginning and only about 6 weeks in. Looking forward to continuing the training journey.

  146. Lynn A. (verified owner)

    This is one of the clearest step by step programs I have ever used. I was a little skeptical at first as I didn’t think an online program could work. However Tobias has a very clear style of teaching, he is very precise and the training is very clear for the dog. The online academy is an excellent choice if you are a visual learner as there are many videos with handlers and their dogs.

    I would highly recommend the online academy to anyone starting out with a young pup or dog. The step by step learning for all three phases is excellent. To anyone having issues in their training, whether you are newer to the sport or a more seasoned handler the trouble shooting section is amazing!

    What sets Tobias’s online academy apart from other online programs is his training is uncomplicated, and fairly simple for all kinds of trainers to learn.

  147. James S. (verified owner)

    I like the way everything is set out and is easy to follow I would recommend the online academy not only to newbies but experienced handlers too there is something for everyone

  148. Tracey H. (verified owner)

    I have been in the sport since the late 1990s so I am proof you can teach an old dog new tricks. I have learned many new techniques/ideas from Tobias that I know will have a great effect on both my training and trialling in the future. I highly recommend checking him out. He is funny, talented and very successful in teaching others his methods. – Tracey

  149. Mario D. (verified owner)

    The site is layed out well and easy to navigate. Very good material, in depth.
    The are simple and easy to understand.
    Over all the $60 is not much, very pleased.

  150. Bitten S. (verified owner)

    I find the the e-mails with tips to the training very helpful. Sometimes just as reminder of how to do things right. I also find the videos with dogs on the website very helpful – They are good to give a understanding of how to do the training in practice.

  151. Paul D. (verified owner)

    This is without doubt the best online academy for anybody involved in IGP dog sport.
    Highly recommended and five star quality all the way.
    Paul Duffin.

  152. Ann C. (verified owner)

    Very clear concise instruction and there is alot to learn. I would recommend to a friend. I would like if you had some small dogs in your videos. Very encouraging format.

  153. Hera H. (verified owner)

    Really detailed, helpful and clever step-by-step guidance for first time dog guardians! I’m combining different courses to provide the best training and joyous life for my puppy.

  154. Miroslav K. (verified owner)

    Academy is very transparent with quality content and very knowledgeable trainer.
    I would reccomend it of course.
    Best for begginers and advanced dog handlers.

  155. Hannes H. (verified owner)

    The quality of the explanation.
    qualiyty of the films en de build-up in the videos.
    Also the clear talking in the theorie alswel practice.

  156. David S. (verified owner)

    I just signed up and the the outreach back is great the free consult the emails with constructive advice is great looking foward to continue . Only started a day a go and I feel very welcome havent had time yet to delve into the videos but looking foward

  157. Ara A. (verified owner)

    I just became a member a few days ago, and already learning a lot for watching the video. The best feature is the quick responses and feedback from the videos I post on the private FB group as a member of the online course!

  158. Janet A. (verified owner)

    Only joined academy 2 or 3 weeks ago with my little dog Gino. We both are enjoying it so much. Tobias Anna and the team make me feel so welcome and they are so approachable once I managed to navigate my computer (nothing to do with content just me being a technophobe and a bit old) . I love the fact I can keep going back and watch the videos over. I also am so pleased with the type of training it suits me so well and so clearly explained. If anyone is thinking of joining just do it. I’m sure like me you’ll love it

  159. Carmen D. (verified owner)

    Your videos offer real world solutions to training. I really like the trouble shooting and step by step info specifically. But the physio training info is invaluable as well.

  160. Emre N. (verified owner)

    It is a spectacular online dog training platform, perhaps the best ever. All steps are clear and feasible to apply as as a hobbyist. Tobias, I am looking forward to join a competition with your guidance.

  161. Lee-Ann V. (verified owner)

    On line Academy was recommended to us by our Queensland breeder Alex Scott. Tobias provides easy to follow, practical training tips that has helped us train and bring out the best in our new GS puppy Jager. Modules are easy to access at a time suitable to you – perfect during COVID lockdown. Definitely recommend this course to all dog owners

  162. NIKO T. (verified owner)

    After many years on theathers of operation in the sniffer dog’s world, I recognized straight away the high standard of training and professionalism on Tobias’ work and value for money on his academy. I would definitely recommend his work for people from the k9 sports world who wish to better their teams performance.

  163. Igor S. (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best resources for dog training I found online. We are still very early in the process, but improvement is evident. All the courses are well stuctured and easy to follow.

  164. Thomas W. (verified owner)

    Very good online dog school. Good videos and clear which help me a lot. Also every email with tips. Its worth the money and I will do the full course of obedience.

  165. Gabe M. (verified owner)

    I joined the academy a little over a week ago and I am really enjoying it. I have purchased similar courses before and this so far has been the best by far. The structure and breakdown is easy to understand and follow. Looking forward to the continued learning.

  166. Ingrid S. (verified owner)

    I’m only a member for just a few days now, but the instruction videos that I have seen so far are very clear and understandable.

  167. Alpesh D. (verified owner)

    Only regret I have is I did not find this earlier. Honestly I am not much into dog sports but I always want to spend quality time with my German Shepherd and what better way then to learn new things. This online academy is by far the best no nonsense way to learn everything you need to know about IGP dog sport training among a lot of other things. There are lot of trainers and bunch of online videos but most of them sound like propaganda and you have to listen for 20 mins of why that trainers method is the best to get to 5 mins of the actual method. I like the no drama way Tobias and Anna teach. I may look a bit expensive at first but if you really look around for that quality of instruction you will quickly realize what a great deal this is.

  168. Michelle K. (verified owner)

    Amazing teaching. You won’t be able to find it at your local club or neighbourhood dog trainer. Tobias is an expert and clearly has years of experience in IGP.

  169. Nathan B. (verified owner)

    Very Informative! Great videos, well structured and a very korganised layout! Tobius goes into great depth making sure we understand the theory before tackling any practical

  170. DARREN R. (verified owner)

    I love the academy..I wish I had found it sooner.
    Tobias explains everything in detail and with no stone unturned allowing lessons to be followed easily.

  171. Elliott G. (verified owner)

    Only just became a member but look like a lot of content covered within the programmes I am very impressed so far and finally a trainer who shows videos with green dogs

  172. Katja S. (verified owner)

    All exercises are clearly explained and the system is easy to understand. Here beginners will find every help and professionals also find a lot of suggestions and ideas for improvement.

  173. ANTONIS C. (verified owner)

    Very good online dog training academy .
    It help me with my new malinois puppy!!!
    Really interesting course with excellent content and information.
    Very good jop guys thank you a lot!!!

  174. Gina W. (verified owner)

    We have a new 8 week old GSD pup and we want to train ourselves properly for the puppy 🙂 Our breeder recommended Tobi and Anna, and we also found Tobi via online searches. But WHY did we choose to sign up with Tobi (our breeder also recommended other online trainers)?

    Because we liked that we could “try before we buy” and the 5 days passed so fast (we looked at so many videos and learned so much from Tobi and Anna’s collection) we realised we needed this resource permanently.

    But that wasn’t the only reason. We REALLY liked that Tobi and Anna are so open and transparent with the training of their own dogs, their clients’ dogs, and keep the videos super short and to the point. No wasted seconds on irrelevant jingles and branding. Just straight to the point either with a theory lesson and the whiteboard, or to a practical lesson explaining the theory.

    The quizzes kept us on our toes and we didn’t just passively absorb information – we’ve had to think through what we are seeing and hearing. The short time frame of all the online lessons helps us remember what we see and hear, so Tobi and Anna’s format WORKS.

    We did look at other online training options. But we didn’t feel the same “click” with these trainers as we did with Tobi and Anna. We feel very confident to start with our GSD puppy when she arrives tomorrow and plan to keep a vlog of her training like Anna has done with Iwan Pawlow (gotta love the name!).

    We might pick and choose from other trainers as we learn more about our puppy’s temperament, but we are very happy we have joined Tobi’s online training academy. We look forward to working with our puppy through all the stages up to IGP/Schutzhund.

    As for cost, yes, Tobi and Anna aren’t the cheapest around. There are two things to say about this – keeping a dog is not a cheap choice. And Tobi and Anna have years of experience condensed into snappy informative videos from which we can learn. We think this is fantastic value for money.

  175. AJ M. (verified owner)

    Amazing program!!!! It has something for everyone. I could not believe the detail and how simple Tobias makes it. Very easy to understand, very easy to see what and when to do it. Best part is you have a system, you know what you need to practice and work on. I absolutely love this site.

  176. Jamie T. (verified owner)

    I really like the step by step format. The videos are great if you don’t know where to start in training. They are also helpful if you have some experience with training but get stuck on what to do next. They are great whether your dog is a puppy to an adult dog. Really like that you show how to do things with green dogs. Helps me to see that my dog actions are quite normal. I like that there videos are organized by each phase and there are troubleshooting videos as well. The explanations given really help me to understand what I’m doing and why. This is a great training platform and anytime I have had questions they have been answered very quickly. Highly recommend this program from someone who has been a subscriber for over a year.

  177. Ilona K. (verified owner)

    Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Der Aufbau aller Abteilungen für den IGP Sport wird vom Welpen an anschaulich erklärt . Wenn man Lösungen für Probleme braucht kann man diese auch finden .

  178. Larry K. (verified owner)

    I first worked with Tobias a few years ago when he gave a seminar in Tennessee. I was so impressed with his level of skill, ability to teach and his compassion for the dog. Becoming an on line student was a no brainer. So much incredible instruction at my finger tips is really helping me prepare my first IGP dog. I can’t recommend Tobia’s on line training enough.

  179. Juan T. (verified owner)

    I find it very didactic and easy to understand and put into practice its teachings. I recomended to every people who wants to be a dog trainer and IGP

  180. Anita V. (verified owner)

    The video’s en tips are very interesting for me.
    It helps me a lot to train several exercises.
    It makes me enthousiastic and happy and my dog also.
    Thank you very much!

  181. Mario R. (verified owner)

    Very excellent training course. From start to end. I have started with a black German shepherd and daily progress are awesome. Thank you very much for you investment

  182. Jamie Z. (verified owner)

    The movies are very detailed with super explanations. I would highly recommend this. The problem for most people in my surrounding is the pricing. Keep up the good work!

    • Lena Skov

      Thank you, Jamie, for kind words. Just a reminder that after 12 months, the price is only $20 a month.

  183. Pippa R. (verified owner)

    I needed professional guidance with my dog’s training so I joined this course. It’s been incredible. My dog is progressing brilliantly & loves it. The training is clear, step by step and so you can work at your own pace. The online group is brilliant for additional free content. I’m so happy to be able to train my dog myself but with the instructions of experts in the field.

  184. Sarah R. (verified owner)

    I really like the full explanation and then the actual video of what he explained. I’m learning a lot and have already applied a lot of the training with my own dogs.

  185. Thamotharan V. (verified owner)

    I have enrolled in this online program for the past few months. It has helped me a lot in my trainings. Will continue with this online academy for the coming months. Worth every cent being paid. Thanks Tobias.

  186. Melanie F. (verified owner)

    The online academy is really well structured, and well detailed. I believe that any one experienced or not can benefit from it since it has basic and advanced topics with lots of well explained theories and practical parts.

  187. Brigitte J. (verified owner)

    I’ve just started, but the I got recommendations from my dogtrainer to join the acadamy en the welcome was quick, of high quality and thorough. I look forward to the courses

  188. Lawrence C. (verified owner)

    Nicely conceived and extremely well organized. Helps ensure important concepts and pivotal training steps are not missed. Provides a means to manage the many challenging aspects of developing and sticking to a training plan.

  189. Christine R. (verified owner)

    Love the online academy! Lessons are very helpful and all the the questions I had in training were answered. Beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their performance

  190. David J. (verified owner)

    Ok, if your reading the reviews is probably likely that your not sure that the video based training is worth the subs, or that you have seen a similar channel elsewhere that was cheaper.
    First off i have no axe to grind here and im just one of many normal subscribers to Tobias channel.
    We have 3 GSD’s at home, we think we know what we are doing and a bit of ipo seemed like fun for us an our new pup.
    I have tried many other training resources in a bid to learn more, with mixed results, my questions went un answered or what i was being told or watching made no sense. I was lost and grabbing bits of info from a dozen resources and trying to stitch it together.
    Then i found this channel ! A teaching method that is clear, concise and frankly bloody amazing. With my questions answered directly when im stuck. Excersises that are fun and informative and a methodology and approach that is easy to take on board and apply to your dog. I learned more in a week than in years.
    Yes, its not cheap, but excellence seldom is. Congrats Tobias on doing the dog world a huge favour.
    Dave J.

    • Lena Skov

      Thank you, David! Stay with us for a year and your membership drops to only $20 a month 🙂

  191. ORI P. (verified owner)

    The lessons in The personal training plan with tobias are awesome ,we review my work during the week and Tobias guides me through the exercises.
    The videos on the website are very clear and good quality.
    Dont think twice and go for the personal training plan with the videos!

  192. Heather D. (verified owner)

    I love what I am learning from this course! So clearly explained and demonstrated and with a great insight into how the dog learns. I can see how the ideas presented here are going to help me improve my puppy’s engagement and love for the work!

  193. Gretchen T. (verified owner)

    It is the only online training I found offering real canine education for obedience. My puppy knew sit, down, stay, come at 10 weeks old. Tobias offers a complete program including holistic tips for the life of my dog.

  194. Janelle B. (verified owner)

    So much content for a reasonable price

  195. Sabrine N. (verified owner)

    Getting a membership is one of the best decisions I have made for my dogs and I. My dogs have made a lot of progress after joining this program, and it has helped me get a better plan and overview of our daily training. I will recommend this for everyone who wants to educate themselves. Rather it is a standalone for people wanting to train at home only, or if it is for people like me, who do train in clubs as well.

  196. Sarah N. (verified owner)

    So much great content! Very easy to follow, super clear explanation and demo. It has everything I need for the new skills I want to teach my dogs, and it also has everything I need to troubleshoot any training problems I have.
    I wish I joined sooner! Thank you for sharing your knowledge generously!

  197. Fiorella M. (verified owner)

    I really like how the videos and tutorials involve some green dogs. They don’t just show the finished product, but the steps to get there as well as some common issues that may arise. I have been following the puppy program and I am very happy with the results. It shows everything step by step!

  198. Gilles T. (verified owner)

    The best complete course to start IGP training l would recommend to anyone that wants to be serious about the sport. Tobias is well known among the best competitors in the world

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    The online training is amazing! It’s well worth the money, I’m a complete novice to the dog sport world and the online training academy has helped guide me in the right direction.

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    I am starting in obedience and I have found in the online academy all the steps – very clearly explained and detailed- I need to take.
    I would recommend anyone wanting to learn how to train a dog either for company or for competition to subscribe!

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    Da mein Englisch auch aufgefrischt werden muss, freue ich mich, dass ihr auch an einer deutschen Fassung arbeitet.
    Ich bleibe am Ball!!!

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    Videos are very informative.
    Keep up the great work!
    Thank you

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    • Lena Skov

      Thank you!!!

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    • Lena Skov

      Thank you, Deborah, for the review!

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    Your class not only teaches the how but also the why!
    So glad I found your academy!!!

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    I would highly recommend the training to anyone that is doing IGP or any sport training.

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    Tobias, please make a more detail video of using flexpole either in obedience or protection

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    I love that they use real moments with a dog so you can see how to work through a situation the dog is learning. Highly recommended with no exceptions!

    • Lena Skov

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    ich finde das online training toll. Jeder Schritt wird verständlich erklärt. Ich bin begeistert. Da ich noch keinen Welpen habe, trainiere ich mit meinem alten Hund und wir haben sehr viel Spaß. Er läuft jetzt super Fuß ohne jede Hilfe.
    Ich hab bei den Welpen angefangen, was ich jedoch nicht finde ist das Training mit der Box. Das ist das einzigste was mir noch fehlt.

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    I also training my other dog with isn’t a IGP dog , but she love the exercise aswell . The content is just good solid dog training

    Cant recommend enough

    • Lena Skov

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    Congratulations! It’s a great website to learn about our favorite IGP sport.

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    Lise Molgat-CCAS,CCFC,CTDI

    • Lena Skov

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    It’s been a well thought out system answering most questions people my have with there training.
    Ive also done a few 1to1 consultations with Tobias an found them to be also very helpful he spots the smallest details an quick to help an put u back on the Wright track again. I’d definitely recommend TOPDOG ACADEMY to anyone

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    The Online Dog Training Academy is a great platform for IGP sports. Whether building new exercises or troubleshooting – the step-by-step explanation offers solutions for every exercise and training phase. We also use the academy in our team, because not only dog and dog handler – also the protective helper must implement new technical approaches.

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    tanks and see you soon back. I will follow more lessons
    to learn more. I have 2 malinois dogs and one of them Laika has been trained IGP en Kay KNPV. See you back soon it’s more than word.

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    • Lena Skov

      Thank you, Angela, for the review!

    • Lena Skov

      Thank you, Angela,for the review!

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    This site is well done, you are able to convey the scientific basis and also your experience.
    For me it is useful to take ideas and to compare my way of working the dog with yours.

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    • Lena Skov

      Thank you, Mads, for the review!

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    Highly recommended for everyone interested in IGP Dogsport.

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    The use of clients of different skill levels show what kind of problems can be expected from the assorted club members.

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    I am very happy with his progress as my trainer him self is competing and has been competing in the world championshop IGP 3 many times and is classified this year as well for the worldchampionship IGP level 3.

    How ever as my native language is not Spanish, I am Swedish but I live in Spain. It has been so useful for me being able to learn more about IGP and the different techniques in details. It’s like all the pieces are coming together for me now when I can see the videos and the step by step progress of Tobias dogs in the videos.

    They are very inspiring as you can see everything in to depth and it’s so much easier to do the things right when you can go back and see the videos time after time.

    My goal is to win the Rotwailer national championship in IGP and this extra help online has inspired me very much as there were a time when I felt that, well… maybe me and my dog won’t reach the championship, but know I have gotten my self-confidence back and I hope you will see my in the Spanish championship IGP Rotwailer within 3 years….

    Thank you Tomas and the whole team !

  267. Felicity A. (verified owner)

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  271. Sabine H. (verified owner)

    Toll strukturiertes Training, für mich eine sehr gute Umsetzung in die Onlineversion und das Wichtigste: Nachvollziehbar und umsetzbar, ich freue mich auf mehr.
    Als besonders positiv empfinde ich, dass in den Videos Hunde und Hundeführer zu sehen sind, die (noch) nicht perfekt sind.
    Danke dafür

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  273. Karlsen A. (verified owner)

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    I will difinitively advise to be a student here

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    that’s deserves the designation “must see”!

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  280. Dmitry D. (verified owner)

    I very like the clear and concentrated presentation of material in the online academy. It’s seem more effective than offline seminars in some cases. Even for the handlers having its own experience, which can find there something new, or simply clarify some already known issues. One of the most important thing in the dog traning is do not make a big mistakes do not learn the wrong behavior, and the online academy can be very helpfull on this.

  281. Rebecca B. (verified owner)

    I find this easy to follow and works very well. I found the steps to be easy enough to complete and i as well as my pup have been enjoying the training.

  282. Urška D. (verified owner)

    I can definitely say that following this online academy has put mine knowledge into the order. It is easy to follow the step by step process. Thank you for this!

  283. Anna B. (verified owner)

    I love the very clear presentation of the concepts and training methods. I have trained dogs for a long time but never really fully understood the theory behind positive and negative reinforcement, and how to apply all of it in my training. Tobias explains it all wonderfully clearly, it’s impossible to not get what he is talking about. This has given me so much clarity in my training, and helped me understand how I can be more successful. Being able to use ALL the tools I have correctly and be more clear in communicating with my dogs is SUPER exciting!

  284. Baljit S. (verified owner)

    The videos are very good by both Tobias and Anna. The dogs used vary from total beginners to more experienced ones. Great to see dogs who have no experience of the exercise and how they are gradually developed. Helps me alot to see the individual bit size development. The theory is also very helpful.

  285. Nicholas H. (verified owner)

    Its a very well structured course, the software tells you which sections you’ve finished, and you can always go back to remind yourself. The teaching is clear and easy to understand.

  286. Donna B. (verified owner)

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  287. Adelgonde C. (verified owner)

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  288. Debbie E. (verified owner)

    Finding Tobias’s online Academy has been blessing. It gives you the freedom to log on when it’s convenient for you or when you are working on a problem. It’s easy to navigate and find solutions that will help you break it down into bite size pieces that give you successful results.

  289. Zachary L. (verified owner)

    I have learn so much from Tobias oleynik. His philosophy is amazing. Highly recommended.

  290. Nicole L. (verified owner)

    By far the best dog sport training program to date. Not only do you have clear step by step videos but also in depth descriptions of why the training is done the way it is with why it’s important to set a solid foundation baseline and ensuring precision building blocks that clearly defines how to avoid future issues that may result if rushing or skipping steps.

    A close friend of mine once said “stacking garbage training on top of garbage training will result in garbage results”. So true and is exactly what TopDog focuses on doing, keeping sessions clean and precise so it’s a clear picture for dogs and their handlers.

  291. Kenneth W. (verified owner)

    I like the explanation of exercises as well as the in-depth science behind the exercises the flow of the website is smooth as well.. very nice

  292. Chris L. (verified owner)

    Provides foundational theory and shows how theory is applied in practical situations. Videos are informative, interesting and entertaining. I recommend this course to anyone interested in training dogs.

  293. Sean C. (verified owner)

    It’s simple, and straightforward. There’s a specific order laidout in the process, which makes it easier for novice and experienced trainers. The only thing I’d say,is that you should also make dvds. That’s for people who are looking for specific help.

  294. George P. (verified owner)

    Extremely structured!! Easy to understand.
    I will surely recommend this course to my friends.

  295. Alain D. (verified owner)

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  296. Nada Z. (verified owner)

    Repetition of foundation is just what I needed, so far excellent! Looking forward to every new lesson and videos as I’m going through academy.

  297. Brent M. (verified owner)

    I had a little trouble working out that you have to do the introduction course before videos would play and courses would unlock.
    Website very professional . This website is well worth the money.
    New Zealand

  298. Detlev S. (verified owner)

    Eigentlich genau das wo nach ich immer gesucht habe,
    aber leider nicht in Deutscher Sprache. Sorry.

  299. Jose O. (verified owner)

    I take mine hat off to your course.The videos are well printed and easy to follow along with great detail.I strongly recommend “biting the bullet” ,and buying this course.It’s definitely worth the money. Thank you. Jose O .

  300. Kathy P. (verified owner)

    The Academy has separate, distinct modules that are easy to access and refer back to if you need to. Tobias’s videos go over the details you need to learn. Excellent training program!

  301. Kevin P. (verified owner)

    I’ve been searching for a well organized methodology to follow for helping me achieve my IGP goals. Before finding the Online Academy, I was meshing together a mix of other systems which hampered my ability to ask questions and receive coaching from the originators. I am now following the step by step processes and looks forward the results. The content is well organized, clear, and I am able to ask questions for feedback.

  302. Andrew P. (verified owner)

    from someone who at present does NOT have a dog (getting one in 15 weeks from Denmark) i find the online Academy excellent as i can watch, learn and understand before puppy arrives and hopefully pre-empt any issues .

    ask me again for a review in a few month time

  303. Hoang B. (verified owner)

    I have a 3.5 months dog and found this course very effective. I will highly recommend this type of training system because of how well organized, clear and easy it is to follow. Tobias and his team were very knowledgeable with excellent presentation.

    I really like the Obelix’s Diary part, it made it pretty easy for me to keep tracking of my daily training direction!

  304. Chayla S. (verified owner)

    This academy is free-thinking; you will have the ability to dive into whichever field you need with both video and text that allows you to simultaneously “think for yourself”. Tobias and are wonderful examplew of what it means to be a dedicated Sch handler. If you do not have this around, it is well worth seeing it in action.

  305. Timothy T. (verified owner)

    Very informative lessons with clear instructions and trouble shooting. I just got a 9 week old puppy and am excited to work through the lessons.

  306. MICHAEL M. (verified owner)

    The course is very detailed and step by step. It is a format that has never been done before. This is exactly what the sport world needed.

  307. Catherine M. (verified owner)

    excellent learning platform. I am a French girl and everything is very understandable and easy to use. I really recommend for beginners or to improve in the discipline

  308. TAi L. (verified owner)

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    Thank you for this opportunity.

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    Material is very organized and follows a process that makes it easy and it really works.
    I am very excited to follow the step by step to build a Super Dog.

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    Thank you again
    Kim Wright

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    Ein für mich super stringentes und transparentes Ausbildungskonzept.
    Tobias schafft es durch seine sympathische Art und Weise das ganze in ein stimmiges Ganze zu verpacken.

    Auf jeden Fall für alle Hundesportler zu empfehlen, egal welche Ambitionen man hat.

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    Also, if you start with a Puppy (like me) there is an amazing puppy diary with a daily training that helps a lot to have a guide in the beginning.
    I could not be happier with the course.

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    The videos are well organized and so easy to follow and understand.
    And most importantly, IT WORKS!!

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    I then go and do that step with my dogs

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    Each handler should have a look at Tobias Oleynik’s online academy because no matter your experience you will get better to progress with your dog!
    Thank you mister Tobias!

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    It is a superb online training tool and I feel more confident as a handler

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    I love the format – it’s laid out in a really easy to follow manner, and you can mark off each lesson as you watch and apply it to your training.

    The best part – the support provided, and the community, make you feel like you are a part of their family. You’re never on your own, regardless of where you are in the world, and there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

  367. Amy N. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love Online Academy Dog Training by Tobias Oleynik. His theory presentation is easy to understand and the training modules are broken down into small pieces that lead to big successes. The private facebook group is also an added bonus for help and encouragement. Grateful for this program and the relationship it has helped me build with my K9 partner.

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    I highly recommend the online program, it allows you to use methods that suit your individual dog and progress at your own pace.
    The considerations in the content to use different drives from different breeds to arrive at the same outcome is brilliant, it’s definitely not a one size fits all.

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    For me that are training a lot by my self it is a very good tool.
    I was recommended to use this online training by my breeder, which also helps me a lot of course, but the online training videos and also other members videos are very valuable input, escpecially for a “newbe” in IGP

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  377. Robert M. (verified owner)

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    Monthly price is perhaps a bit expensive for a lot of people

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  379. Robert R. (verified owner)

    The construction of the site makes it possible to follow and understand the logic behind the system. I really appreciate the troubleshooting part. Finally, I like this site a lot more than seminars because I can occasionally go back to the lessons and update myself. My dog is progressing and your site has a lot to do with it

  380. Katharina Ångström Isacsson (verified owner)

    I easily forget things in training so for me to go back and look many times is very good for me. I have recommended the Academy to many of my friends. I started with dog training at the age of 52 with my second riesenscnauzer, and I did chose the IGP. We have done level 1 so far…..Thank you for sharing all the tips in dogtraining.

  381. MITHUN J. (verified owner)

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  382. Jane (verified owner)

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  383. Jessica V. (verified owner)

    This program is very easy to understand and follow. If you are looking for any type of help with your dog they can help! There is no other program that is so involved with online courses, one on one training, free video Q and A tips, and video conference. I personally watch these videos many times over because there is so much information to learn! The website is very easy to follow and versatile. I absolutely recommend Tobias and his Online Course. The step by step program and/or troubleshooting courses are dynamic and easy to follow. I have used this program for my dogs and others with much success. If I ever have any questions or need help, they are there to help me in with messages and videos to adapt to my dog and learn to communicate with him properly.

  384. Heléne J. (verified owner)

    I liked it a lot! Even if I don’t train exactly like you do , there’s a lot of things I learned that I applied in my own training. It was really fun to look at the videos and to see the improvements if the dogs.

  385. Angie T. (verified owner)

    The Online Training Academy is the most complete program that anyone at any level can benefit from. Going through the system from theory, foundation, physio, step by step, troubleshooting to trial prep – removing tools, CMS, stimulus control you can learn to become a better team while creating a confident dog.

  386. Mohd Azman M. (verified owner)

    The online training contents provide an excellent resource for beginners and experienced IGP trainers.

  387. Joanne G. (verified owner)

    I truly enjoyed the videos and the learning platform. The lessons were well thought out and I appreciated the extra videos which describe how to solve common issues we might encounter with our dogs.

    I also benefited from a few videos that were performed with an untrained dog. Those were the most beneficial because it showed typical behaviors when you are showing them new things.

    The only issue I have with the learning program is that you only have access to it for a month. For example, with Leerburg Dog University in the US, you have lifetime access to all of the videos you purchase. You can access them anytime. As a Canadian customer, my membership with your program is $85 a month with a yearly purchase of $1020 which makes it not as affordable for me. I also purchased an online program from Mike Ritland – Trikos Team Dogs – which I believe it’s around $100 a year and you receive certification.

    But in all, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the videos, how the training modules were organized, and the diversification of the subject matter. I would definitely give Online Academy Dog Training by Tobias Oleynik a A+.

    P.S. The only subject that I couldn’t find on the platform is how to introduce the dumbbell to your dog and the issues you will encounter. I had to refer to Shutzhund Kevin to get the information I needed.

    In all, I’m so glad I came across your training platform. I learned a lot and your training will make me a better handler.

  388. Brandon S. (verified owner)

    It has been a great experience for me and my dog. After trying many different training methods, this is by far the clearest understanding of dog training that I have found. From the theory to the demonstration, it is great. I enjoy watching green dogs and seeing how they progress. If only I progressed as fast as you do!

  389. Kari B. (verified owner)

    I’m new to your online academy. I love to watch your videos and train my dog in this system even though it’s not always as easy as it looks. The trobleshooting videos are also great.

  390. Jean-Claude D. (verified owner)

    You get a lot of information to succed in Tracking, obedience and protection and thé information is available for Stéphane by Stéphane success

  391. Jeany H. (verified owner)

    I started with Tobias several months ago, his logic, his explanations are simple and allow us to work at our own pace. the videos are awesome! I also like the physical preparation side with Anna. you are a great team and thank you for sharing your passion.
    Thank you again

  392. Lisa F. (verified owner)

    I’m really happy to be part of this academy! Easy to understand videos and the best thing is that whenever a problem comes to your mind, you can see how it can be solved or how you can find your own personal time with the step by step program. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, you can benefit from it in any case.

  393. Jorissens D. (verified owner)

    The onlinedogtraining is a great tool. I use it since my dog is 5 months and every day of the year
    I train alone and i see fast big progres.
    All the descriptions and video are clear
    Tkank for this help sa

  394. Christina R. (verified owner)

    I’ve been with you since February and really excited. Only little things that I could improve have already achieved so much. I like to learn virtually through videos much more than in other ways. I’m thrilled with the online academy! Would be great if there were also videos in German… I would definitely recommend you and I already have! Please be healthy all of you!!

  395. Mehdi A. (verified owner)

    Just a wonderful courses, a lot of good information for all igp bh-vt dog sport professionals and beginners.
    Keep going

  396. Jessica L. (verified owner)

    I am so happy with my membership in the online academy, there is all the information i need and it’s step by step. The best thing about the online school is the theory part and that i can get my own personal coach. I highly recommend Tobias & Annas online academy 🙂

  397. Dagmar Arzt-Voit (verified owner)

    For me the perfect way to learn with my dog from home.

  398. Rose Hedman (verified owner)

    I like your education a lot!
    It gives me inspiration and helps me to work with solving problems in my own tempo. I can not find this help at home. In this way I can have my lessons in my spare time, perfect! When times come I will take a seminar lesson to!

  399. Poven K. (verified owner)

    A really good platform for learning and progressing in IGP dog sport. Covers all the areas of my interest. Really working wonders now especially in the time of social isolation. Thank you Tobias.

  400. Jana G. (verified owner)

    I have a wonder experience with this training program. It made me to rethink to understand

  401. Lisa R. (verified owner)

    I love this course.. I love the format. The lessons
    Are easy to follow.. the info is balanced and
    Practical. Tobias you are a great teacher, and fun
    To learn from!

  402. Stephen R. (verified owner)

    Great resource whether you are a new handler to the sport or a handler with many years experience! Modern dog training with concise guidance to elevate your communication effectively with your canine teammate! Stephen Romeo

  403. Virat R. (verified owner)

    First of all, I am a Thai and my English is not so well, but Tobias, Anna, Lena and team make the word and explain step by step super clearly. I cannot believe Online learning for training dog is work, but It WORK really WORK. Also super helpful in FB group. Recommend 5 stars.

  404. Heather L. (verified owner)

    I would and have recommended this course to several friends. I’m new at IGP and the format and information presented is amazing.

  405. Javier C. (verified owner)

    Online Academy dog training by Tobias Oleynik is awsome dog training school for any dog owner
    or any dog trainer
    Love the Academy for its price, convenience and ease of use login anytime you like and start training always updated with info and new videos.

  406. Cheryl C. (verified owner)

    I am often time poor due to busy work and training schedules. Online Dog Training byTobias us awesome as I can log on whenever I have some free time and am able to pick up tips and tricks
    Thank you

  407. Luann H. (verified owner)

    I have just started the Out of
    Motion Exercises and am very happy with the level of content.

  408. Bruno D. (verified owner)

    Online Academy is exactly what I searched for a long time. It is magic … Congratulations !!!
    However, trouble shooting could be even more consistant, because this a significant way to come to Academy.
    Of course, I ‘ll recommend around me – but $60 for month is quite expensive. I agree that contents justify it but a lot of dog handlers are not rolling in dough …

  409. Belinda G. (verified owner)

    What I like best about this online school is that it gives you handles for training dogs of all ages and for all sports disciplines and what to do if you experience a problem in your training. This supports with clear explanations and video material so that you can also see it. This is exactly what i need.

  410. Therapon C. (verified owner)

    I dont like short videos. I prefer continuous lectures.

    • Tobias Oleynik

      Hi Chris,

      can you be a little bit more precise?
      We try to show you the entire learning process in one course for one exercise.We split each course in severel lessons. We are just afraid that it will be a load of information, when we put in everything in one big video.

      Please advise us what we can do better?


  411. Beverley C. (verified owner)

    The lessons are very clear and concise. I would definitely recommend to friends.

  412. Errol D. (verified owner)

    I like the theory a lot

    Very well presented and easy to understand

  413. Valdenir R. (verified owner)

    The course is good, it is very easy to understand. O recommend.

  414. Sofia Edman (verified owner)

    I am in chock that a online course can be so good, thank you, super fantastic!

  415. Julio Hernandez

    Tobias has compiled a beautiful program for the training of sport dogs in IGP.
    His online school offers an incredible wealth of knowledge in one easy to follow system.
    As a training helper I encourage all of my folks to subscribe, it enables us to follow a sound program together thus minimizing our club time having to explain everything in detail. Thank you Tobias!

  416. Angie Tennant (verified owner)

    Being a member of Tobias’s Online Academy has helped me with many exercises. Even with being in the sport for 30 years and having success with many dogs there is always room for improvement and learning new skills. Each section provides a clear explanation coupled with video evidence.

    Thank you Tobias and Anna for making these tools available to us. Full power.

  417. Gabriel Schotborgh (verified owner)

    Most complete and organized system around. So easy to follow along with a great support system available. Anyone interested is any type of dog training would benefit from this course. I love it! Thank you topdog team for putting this together.

  418. jeany huard (verified owner)

    I really appreciate the fact that all steps are there, and easily adaptable for each type of dog. the explanations are clear and videos to support the theory! and I also like the physio and fitness part with Anna . thank you both, you are a great team, from Jeany and Claude , Canada

  419. Ludger Honkomp (verified owner)

    Since I have joined the Onlinedogtraining, I have a much more active dog, and it is a lot of fun and very good motivation to go out and train my dog. The online training is very well structured and easy to follow.. I just love it.

  420. Brigitte (verified owner)

    Super online training school! Real training scenarios with no hidden pieces! What you see is what it is; mistakes, problems, solutions and progress! I like it (y)

  421. Nicole Reichert (verified owner)

    A whole new world has opened up for me since I joined the Oniline Academy !
    I have become much more self-confident, which is reflected in the dog-human relationship.
    Finally dog sport is fun !

  422. Virat Ching Reanglikitkul (verified owner)

    I can not believe training dog online is work, but Tobias show me it is really work. Super clearly explain about the facts and results. Studies Step is easy to follow. I will be in your school until my girl passed IPO/IGP

    Best Recommend

  423. Patricia Stuart (verified owner)

    SUPER!!!!! I started in Schutzhund/IPO/IGP in the early 90’s & wish there would have been a planned system like this to follow.
    Step by step training using UNTRAINED DOGS so it allows you to see how the dogs react & progress. Training is fun & clear for the dog to learn & teaches you how to move away from using your helps.
    I love Tobias’s sense of humor & the big guy he works with in protection when problem solving is super fun to watch!!
    Thank you Tobias, Anna & Lena for sharing your knowledge!

  424. Thomas GRUBE (verified owner)

    Best possibility of online support I’ve ever found. The explainations are clear and easy to follow. Looking forward for the next video lessons!!
    Thx Tobias and Team!!!

  425. Omar

    Pro training

  426. Ros Masterman (verified owner)

    Absolutely loving it.

  427. Isabell Heinrich (verified owner)


  428. Cathrine Stenmoe (verified owner)

    Tobias’s training has helped me become National Champion twice and number 5 at WUSV. First time I was introduced to this way of training my dog was already a bit educated. But we had a lot of problems with communication. Tobias helped me to become a better handler and then also the Results came. Now I have a young puppy and it is great to Get ideas, and help at the online academy. This makes my training so much more fun and easy!!

  429. Richard Casallas (verified owner)

    We recently added a puppy to our pack. I wanted to find a program to assist me in raising and developing her for sport. I find the videos and training steps very easy to comprehend and to follow. Not only for my pup but for my 4 year old as well. I had a question about the website and the puppy program. I was very impressed when I received a video chat from Tobias himself. Now that’s impressive! He took time off his busy schedule and assisted me without rushing me. He was present and receptive. I found him to be very patient and knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to many years of fun with my dogs under Tobias’ mentoring.

    Richard from Boston, MA.

  430. Patricia

    I was able to attend a seminar with Tobias Oleynik and found the program very supportive and helpful. Plus really enjoyed the training. Being a monthly member has provided me with great troubleshooting videos, training tips, coaching I couldn’t get elsewhere, and organizational tools to keep on track.

  431. Nina Anton (verified owner)

    Excellent resource to help troubleshoot issues you may be having in training, and a great resource for training all the IPO exercises. I really like that the training steps are shown using dogs that are in the learning process and not finished dogs. Tobias and Anna do a very great job showing what to do in the videos to troubleshoot during the step-by-step learning videos.

  432. D (verified owner)

    The BEST online training I’ve seen & the most organized format.

  433. Tomas Bevilacqua (verified owner)

    This is the most complete program for those who wants to train a dog. With sistematic theory classes and a powerful step-by-step sistem, everyone can master the IGP (IPO) and train a confident dog. I have no regrets for beeing an online student, you can review everything any time and the learning process became natural.

  434. Jessica Lindborg (verified owner)

    The first time i got an isight into Tobias Oleynik’s training system was 2011/2012 and since that i have been completely sold. He is definetly one of the best dogtrainers in the world. I have learned so much about how a dog learns, and how i train my dog step by step, and later on also prepare my dog for competition.
    A comlete training system, and being able to have access to all this by joining Tobias and Anna’s online Academy is the best spend money I’ve ever made.

  435. Camilla Dahlgren (verified owner)

    Just Zuper

  436. Russ Berscht


  437. Sandra Fosmo

    Training is fun when you have one of the best online academy you can learn from. I had never in my mine believed I could train like this and get results 😉

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