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Joining the Influencer Program offers you a platform to amplify your voice, grow your skills, connect with others, and be a part of the Online Dog Training community. It's a chance to turn your passion for content creation into a meaningful and rewarding endeavor.

What's expected of you as an Influencer

  • Create Reels,Posts & Stories
    Every week, we choose a special topic that we want to make Reels, Posts, or Stories about. Your task is to create 1-2 each week.
  • Comment our Posts
    After we share something on our channel, kindly drop a brief comment.
  • "Like" our Content
    Kindly show your appreciation for our Reels, Stories, or Posts by giving them a thumbs up.

Every team member is being given free access to the Online Academy!

Here's the plan: Join the influencer team for one month to see if you like it, and then we'll continue one month at a time.

(Limited Spots Available)

If you're interested in joining the influencer team, please message us on WhatsApp.