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We use harnesses in all 3 Phases: Obedience, Tracking, and Protection.

We need to make sure the dog has a good association with a Harness and is comfortable wearing it.

The dog already understands Stationing on a box. It makes it so much easier to put the harness on or do the dog’s nails or brush the dog while he is not spinning, jumping, etc. He calmly remains on the box since he knows the exercise and allows Anna to handle him.

You can see Anna actually luring the dog into the Protection harness – 00:32 sec.

We link the harness with food to ensure that he actually loves wearing it and looks forward to having it on.

Anna proceeds to put on Sit Down Stand Harness (SDS Harness) – 01:32 sec. She also gives the dog a break and clicks for attention and eye contact. She resets the dog by getting him off the box and getting him back on.

SDS Harness is a touch more complicated to put on. First goes on the front part of the harness, then the slip lead around the neck, and then the waist strap.

The critical point of this video -before using a tool, please ensure the dog is comfortable with it before you actually start training.