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Troubleshooting Introduction Side Transport

Troubleshooting – Side Transport – Introduction

The trick is that the dog simply is not able to look in both directions at once. Hence, we teach a physical contact of the dog with the Handler’s leg while heeling.

You can begin while stationary.

  • The dog sits between the Helper and the Handler.
  • The Handler uses the leash as a Negative Reinforcement and has the dog lean onto the leg.
  • The instance the dog does, the leash pressure goes away.
  • The Helper marks and gives the dog a bite.

You can start training at a low level of drive and use a ball. After it works while stationary, you can begin heeling a few steps at a time. To make it more challenging for the dog, you can take a step forward and then a step to the right. It is probable that the dog will lose contact with the Handler and once the contact is back – the Helper will mark and reinforce.

As with anything, do not overdo this or the dog will literally push you over.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have a dog that is too much under the control and does not pay sufficient enough attention to the Helper. Then you would increase the drive. Make certain the Helper marks and reinforces for paying attention.