Juniorflex – from 4-18 month


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European Pet Pharmacy’s JuniorFlex is designed for puppies and young dogs from 5 months old. JuniorFlex contains Green Lipped Mussel and Vitamin C to help boost the immune system and promote the correct structure and function of the joints.


Green Lipped mussel is a natural product from New Zealand which contains many nutrients beneficial to a young dogs joint health such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin, unsaturated fats, Omega 3 ETA, -6, -9 and minerals.

Green Lipped Mussel promotes the normal function of the dogs joint and helps to soothe stiff and aching joints which is often experienced in young and growing dogs. As a natural source of Chondroitin it is a building block for the articular cartilage – the smooth, lubricated surface on the end of bones within the joints.

Vitamin C supports a wide variety of functions in the dogs body. It promotes a strong immune system and contains antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals formed through the metabolism. Vitamin C also helps with collagen formation (the strong, spongy tissue fibres of cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bones) essential to healthy joint growth.

Puppies and young dogs often experience times of stress, sickness and injury and it is known that during these times a dogs natural supply of Vitamin C can become depleted and supplementation from a highly absorbance form of Vitamin C is recommended to provide the dog with the required amount it needs to aid the body and cells.

European Pet Pharmacy’s Vitamin C is in Calcium Ascorbate form which is highly absorbed and gentle on the digestive system, suitable for young, sensitive stomachs.





Green Lipped Mussel (Freeze-dried powder from Green Lipped Mussel), Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate)

Quantity per measuring cup – 850 mg (1 ml)

Vitamin C 600 mg
Green Lipped Mussel 250 mg


Dog up to 10 kg 1 measuring cup
Dog 10-20 kg 2 measuring cups
Dog 20-30 kg 3 measuring cups
Dog 30-40 kg+ 4 measuring cups

Mix in with food once daily.

Measuring cup included.