Lesson 1, Topic 1
In Progress

Add movement to the left

We are adding movement to the left.

The second person will guide the dog’s rear if the dog is not moving it. Once it is lined up with the handler – C/T.

We are introducing a cue for the turn – Marching Steps.

  • The handler begins the turn by marching with knees brought up high. The steps will be exaggerated in the beginning.
  • 2 seconds after the handler begins marching, the assistant lifts the dog’s rear up by the second leash. We need for the Marching Steps to become a cue that the Flip Turn is coming up. We will fade the exaggeration later.
  • C/T when the dog is lined up with the handler.
  • As soon as the dog understands the exercise, we will create a wider turn all the way to 180°.
  • Please remember that the second leash is a communication tool only. Do not create dog’s dependency on it.