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Basic Rules

Basic Rules

If your dog has never been back-tied, please show her where there are the edges.

For any successful training, we need to find a good balance between motivation and concentration. This has to be identified for each dog.

The handler “opens up” the dog – 02:05 sec. The dog is very powerful but has grip issues. Because this session is not dedicated to the quality of the bite, Tobias switches to a bite roll.

When the Handler asks the dog to sit after some barking, the dog sits but cannot be quiet – 03:55 sec. Tobias waits until the dog is quiet and calmly reinforces her. It is evident the dog has impulse control issues.

Tobias presents the tug slowly and says “leave it,” the dog bites it – 04:55 sec. To calm the dog down, Tobias gives her a job to do. She is sitting, he presents the bite tug, tells her to leave it, when she does, he reinforces – 06:20 sec. If she bites when she is not supposed to – he uses Negative Reinforcement for her to let go. When she ignores the tug, he lets her bite.

There are must be clear basic rules. If we say – no, it means no. We do not need to be hard. We need to show the dog clearly what happens when she complies and when she does not.

A good Helper supports the team of the Handler and the dog. When the Handler says “sit,” Tobias uses a leash as Negative Reinforcer to help the dog to comply. When the dog complied, the Handler gave the bite command and the Helper reinforced. The dog is much more interested in listening to the Handler.