Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Go in the Box by Luring

Go in the box – Luring

Part 1

Lure the dog into the box and the moment he is in the box – mark and reinforce.

We also begin introducing the release cue even if the dog does not know how to remain in the box. You should tap him and say your cue.

Although the dog is not required to stay in the box, we begin asking for a tiny amount of attention. Once the dog is lured, the hand goes quickly out in front of the dog. The dog focuses for a second or two – mark and reinforce.

We do not want the dog to go into the box without permission. We ask the dog to sit outside of the box.

We add a brief eye contact in and outside of the box.

Please reinforce your dog randomly for waiting to get into the box, for getting into the box, paying attention, and eye contact.

Part 2

We are teaching the dog to remain in the box.

The moment a foot touches the ground outside of the box, Tobias uses his Negative Marker and guides with the leash the dog back into the box. Once the dog is back in – mark and reinforce.

It is your choice, but we prefer right away that the dog does not put his feet on the box.

Once the dog becomes more clear about staying in the box, you can begin adding distractions, such as you walking around. Not too much so as not to overcorrect the dog and discourage him.