Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Go in the Box by Shaping

Go in the box – Shaping

Shaping is capturing the dog in the process of doing an action and approximating it slowly to the end result. Each time the dog gets into the box – mark and reinforce.

To make it easier, you can position your body across from the dog so he would try to get to you and by accident step into the box – mark and reinforce.

To reset, you can “push” the dog out of the box by your hand with food.

As soon as the dog has a clear concept of entering the box, we can start teaching him to remain in the box. The moment he steps out – use your Negative Marker and the moment he is back in – Mark and Reinforce.

This dog understands NO very clearly. There is no need for a consequence. The Negative Marker gained its power through Basic Obedience (please review Foundations – Step 3.1: Basic Obedience / No).

We are now adding eye contact and focus on the hand with food in front of the nose. The second we will use in Stay Positions.