Lesson 1, Topic 1
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“Parking” Position Training Videos

There are 2 videos to watch with 2 different dogs. And it is the absolute first time that the dogs are doing it.

Video 1

Video 2

Sometimes we have a plan and then we have to change the direction. Tobias has to address the dog being rude about taking food. A couple of pops with a clear Negative Marker and the dog understands that Tobias actually does not like his hands bitten.

The dog is quite happy to stay on the box and eat food. The moment Tobias steps away – the dog follows. Tobias marks with Negative Marker and guides the dog back onto the box – 03:03 sec. The moment the dog is back on the box, Tobias marks, reinforces and celebrates.

You can see that the dog quickly grasps the concept – 03:34 sec.

Tobias tries to apply Opposition Reflex – 04:51 sec – but unfortunately, the dog is not ready yet.

Sometimes, when the dog is sensitive, you can catch him right before making a mistake and click for not getting off the box. It is not always proofing that is the way but balancing reinforcing of the correct choice right before the wrong one – 05:46 sec.

Video 3

In this video, the Handler is working on the puppy staying on the box. Once the puppy is on the box, the Handler walks around waiting for the puppy to make a mistake. Once she does, the Handler uses Verbal Negative Marker, leads the puppy back to the box and reinforces.