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Prey Aggression

Prey Aggression

Prey Aggression requires prey drive in the dog. Most of the dogs are born with it.

We can begin Prey Aggression training as soon as we see signs of possessiveness of the dog over a ball or a tug. We prefer to start working with objects that are larger and are more comfortable for the dog to hold since we do not work on the quality of a bite at this time.

The concept is simple. The dog has something the Helper wants. The object is placed between the Helper and the dog. At every sign of the dog trying to protect his treasure, the Helper responds with fear and respect. Once the Helper leaves out of fear, the dog is allowed to take his object.

Fight Over Prey – 1st Session

The Helper steps over the prey object. The dog is unsure what to do, and the Helper threatens. As soon as the dog responds – the Helper runs away, and the dog gets the ball – 00:26 sec.

The exercise is repeated over and over. The interesting aspect to see is at 01:18sec. Tobias walks behind the dog, and the dog is still concerned about the ball. This is what we are looking for – defending the prey. We use also use the prey as reinforcing for protecting against the Helper.

Mid-session Tobias makes it more difficult by having the prey object next to the dog and the dog still has to bark as his face to earn the ball.

Tobias approaches from different directions and what the dog goes into the defensive mode – the dog is reinforced with the ball.

Fight Over Prey – Second Session

In the second session we are increasing the intensity and the amount of barking we ask from the dog. He has to work harder to get his ball.